AFSWATTF-Report by our Priante of the Cookies; Home of the Otherkin.

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Friday, March 5, 2010

AFSWATTF Report Number: 2
Author: private kahoku
Target: home of the kin / xxxravenohayexxx
Fluff Level: funny
Status: open

on january 26, 2010 this pm went out to two members of

"i appreciate your consent but could you please stop repeating what i said? i have noticed it a couple of times now.

Thank you."

Both of them listed their kin types as "demon - guardian/familiar", both of them kept copying/rewriting my posts (e.g., if i told a potential demon-kin not to base their kin type on looks,...

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AFSWATTF Report- I'm Being a Total Slave (But you know you love it); Truth, Lies and Conversation.

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Thursday, December 3, 2009

Report No.- 21:34
Subject-Me (apparently), as seen through Truth, Lies and Conversation's 'Scum of the Earth'.
Fluff Level- No real fluff just utter bitchy-ness. =P

First things first. Name and shame-

Oh what a fun new site to discover! Not that I intend to spend a great amount of time (or writing) on it, but still.

I find myself typing this due to a PM i got from a certain member of a certain forum sending me to a link about a topic on yours truly....

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AFSWATTF Report- Enter the Thirdeye;

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Honestly, after reading through a bit of the content here, you'd start to wonder if these guys were actually trolls posing as fluff, like the Landover Baptist Forum was at first. But so far I haven't seen anything here that indicates this like I did on Landover. There seems to be no "spell" on here that doesn't set off some twinge of irritation within my psyche. Another thing to realize is that even though this site has over a thousand members, it's got only a handf...
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AFSWATTF- Report by Lt. DLF; There is hope yet.

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Tuesday, August 11, 2009
AFSWATTF Report Number- 69 Dudes.
What is the word?- The Bird.
Fluff level- Right up there with the bird.

   As most of you know AFSWATTF and have had a rather long running (too long if you ask most of us) tiff with a site we consider to be full of fluff bunnies and posers called We were baffled when our criticisms got retaliated with silly name calling, claims that we were jealous and threats against our families. Serious buisness the internet.Totally Serial.

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AFSWATTF; Report by Captain Nik- We're Back Baby! And So I A Certain FLuff Ball....

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Oh, and it's been about one year since I met y'all. So this is dedicated to all the members of the AFSWATTF, Permanent Wiki, and everyone here. I'd mention names, but then I'd forget one, and that just ain't cool. So this one is for you guys.

-AFSWATTF Official Report. Finally-
Report Number: Something or other.
Subject: TrueKin. OR "Hell hath no wrath like a person on the internet banned."

Once upon a time, back before I joined the site, there was a woman who...
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AFSWATTF; Multiple Reports- Captain Nik Goes into Overdrive

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Tuesday, April 21, 2009
-Hay, it's a Special Report!-
Volume IX

Reading one of Kai's good essays is like this: You think it's okay, then a bad part comes. You get by it, assume all is well, then think about it, and realize that oh my dear crap, it's not. Little bits of some stupid kinda leak out between the lines. And then you cry.

Tonight's essay is "Guilty Until Proven Innocent." This is a topic I have gotten behind myself more than once, and I was ready to pass it up as a bad job; as a good essay. Unfortunately, I k...
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AFSWATTF; Report by Captain Nik- Special

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Sunday, April 12, 2009
-Still an AFSWATTF Special Report-
Volume the Third

I sometimes wonder when I write these articles what everyone thinks. I mean, I know what everyone who's commented on them thinks, but I really wonder what everyone who's ever read them thinks. Naturally, this leads to my wondering what the subjects of these articles, and especially when they become acid-filled rants, would think if they read them.

I know exactly how Kai would respond. Utter contempt. Any critique of him, his beliefs, or his art...
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AFSWATTF; Report by Captain Nik- Fur F*ck's Sake! Kai and more.

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Friday, April 10, 2009
-AFSWATTF Special Report-
Volume the Second

Okay, I assume by this point that you've read the OP and now have good idea as to what Kai is like. Either that, or you like reading things out of order. I haven't touched on....Pookie. Maybe because I honestly think every time I type his name I have another stroke. He's not the main topic here, but I will mention him because he manages to drag down the following kin-types: Dragons, Kitsune, Fae and Foxes. Why is that? Because he is all that and -SO- ...
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AFSWATTF- Report by Captain Nik; Kaijima A. Frostfang

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Wednesday, April 8, 2009
-AFSWATTF Special Report-
Target: That dude up there in the topic text
Author: Me, myself, and I
Fluff Level: I think my fluff meter just overloaded.


Ah, Kai. Where to begin, I ask myself. The answer you'd think would be at the start, of course. You silly bird, what's gotten into you. The truth is, I have no idea where this sordid tale begins, nor do I know if it has ever truly ended. This dragon has a topic on Portal of Evil with over 6500 posts in it, a major write up on Crush Yiff Des...
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AFSWATTF- Report by Captain Nik; Groves of Annwyn

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Monday, March 30, 2009
AFSWATTF Report Number: Plus two.
Author: The one, the only, the Captain.
Target: Groves of Annwyn
Fluff Level: PG67 A/W

Hay it's a report: Hello and good day soldiers and civilians! It seems like our ever popular, always amazing, has the highest post count Lt. of the Logistics division has come up with a real humdinger. A whopper. A fat crock of facepalm. It's enough to make my eyes cross! Or maybe that's...
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