AFSWATTF Report Number- 69 Dudes.
What is the word?- The Bird.
Fluff level- Right up there with the bird.

   As most of you know AFSWATTF and have had a rather long running (too long if you ask most of us) tiff with a site we consider to be full of fluff bunnies and posers called We were baffled when our criticisms got retaliated with silly name calling, claims that we were jealous and threats against our families. Serious buisness the internet.Totally Serial.

   Anyway this eventually elevated into a select few members at (who we saw as the serious trouble makers, the naugty kids in the school, the class clowns and I could go on) getting our main attention before dying down. Then we stopped giving a crap so they started to try and stirr the waters again and again. It kept flaring back up and dying down and flairing back up and dying down until one of their members, the lovely lady D, died down...literally... or so we are told. I am highly skeptical of this, though I can give no more proof then what I have already posted.

   If she has died then may she rest in peace I would never wish death on anyone simply because we had a few tiffs on the net, and never have (though I wish I could say the same for some of the folks on But this doesn't change anything, I don't believe that because a person dies all the snide remarks and hateful acts in their life should be forgotten, I don't believe that when someone dies they should instantly become a saint in my eyes, and when I talk about Lady D I'm not insulting her corpse, but simply reminising about her faults in life; of which I found many.

   That being said I don't wish to talk about Lady D anymore, to my mind I've said more than enough to attempt to show what sort of person she is. If people don't want to believe it or have had a much better experience then that's fine, but I feel much better for warning them, just incase, just as a precaution. That's what the AFSWATTF is here for; we give you evidence and our opinons (usually heavily satired) and you make up your own mind about what to believe. I wouldn't have it any other way.

   What I'm writing about today is a much more positive and hopeful occurence concerning It made me smile slightly and encouraged me to make this report, because I believe thank you are due.

There's Hope Yet-

   Yesterday I was alerted, quite randomly I might add, by a member of one of the forums I'm on that there was yet another post on about us evil folks at AFSWATTF and A link was provided to this-

   Jessica_Rabbit, by the way, is She_Devil, though She_Devil is not Lady D, no matter how much she insists that we insist she is. Confused yet XP
Right so this topic contains the same old crap- we're phony, we're trolls, we're theives yadah yadah yadah. With a sigh and a shrug I clicked off of it expected to go back later and see a barage of members going "yeah I totally agree, I curse them, may their families die" etc.

  This is where the pleasant surprise comes in- 
   Passive+Entrophy you really are a sweetie pie and the fact that you were willing to voice your opinion made me feel very hopeful, the fact that you didn't get banned for it made me even more hopeful. Though I must shamefully admit that, at that point, I thought it was only a matter of time before you got banned for those responses. has not given me much reason to give them the benefit of the doubt.

   Of course there is always one who is just not willing to let it go-
   Jessie I know that you cared for Lady D and had some great experiences with her and some horrible ones with us but just stop for a second and look around you. You're still trying to pick a fight after everyone else has decided to let go or to try and pipe down. All you're doing is hurting yourself and those around you (except us folks at the AFSWATTF, we rule) and confusing all of the new members at Considering how many people you've banned that's alot of confued members, and this is not their buisness, not their fight to fight, and you shouldn't be trying to force them into it and put word in their mouth, for the love of god woman just let it go.

   The post itself is the usual junk, we steal from them, we're trolls, Lady D was a friggin Saint of the highlest level, blah. All I really have to say is that I am not banned, I am infact unbanned and Lady D welcomed me to come back whenever I wanted or felt I was ready, but I declined. It's not that I want to be impolite or mean by turning this request down. No. I simply realised that is just too different a forum for me to comfortably stay on: I knew eventually that I'd end up stirring the waters again and I didn't want to do that. It was out of respect for and a hope to keep the peace there that I did not re-join and have still not rejoined. But I digress, this is not the main point of my topic.

   So Jessica_Rabbit is ringing on the same door bell, wearing the battery down so low that the noise produced is no greater than a whimper, and I'm sighing and scrolling down to the responses as...ooooh....oh you wondeful wondeful person-

AwesomeThread.jpg image by Quickduxxx

   Thank you for realising that we're trying to let it go and have pretty much moved on with our lives. I have great respect for you and your applied knowledge and common sense, and I mean that in the most sincere way. You've really put a smile on my face.

   Even better-

   All of you wonderful people, I know you're only doing it to try and help out your friend Jessica but I'm really rooting for you. It'd be good for her if she let it go, it means that all of us still attached by the random strings of forum-war ressurection can also let it go, or at least not open thier inbox one day to yet another PM saying "Guess whose upto it again" when they've all but forgot. 

   Needless to say I am very happy that this thread was closed. Not because I didn't want AFSWATTF to get negative criticism, because everyone is entitled to their own opinon, but because it was just the same old ranting about the same old thing that happened so long ago. In this dragon's opinion we all need to just let it go.

   There has never been a total ceasefire between AFSWATTF, and and I doubt there ever will be, or at least it's not my place to grant it. But I think there is room to let go of silly squabbles and to just exist as seperate entities. will never stop being the questioning, pro-logic, skeptical forum that is is, and it will never removed topics, AFSWATTF will always have opinions on forums that we personally think are bad news and will also never delete posts. is a bit hard to place with a manifesto in my opinion, I guess I can say that you are a bed of sand shifting as the tides roll over, always changing many things but still keeping a few key factors; you have your own view of otherkin and your own administration and moderator style. Both and AFSWATTF will probably always find you to be fluffy BUT do we really need to bring it down to a person-to-person level? Do you really need to care?

   I think a ceasefire needs to happen when it comes to all this immature name calling, targeting the person only and not the content and grudge bearing. AFSWATTF will always have opinions but I think all this silly warring over basically nothing needs to end.  

Lt. DLF.
End of Report.