Welcome to AFSWATTF: Anti-Fluff Special Weapons And Tactics Task Force.

Our mission is to seek out all the ludicrous, fluffy, dangerous and downright embarassing fluffies in the otherkin community and expose them in the most humerous ways we can muster.

We name and shame, we make the people that make us look bad look bad, we also make a lovely chocolate chip cookie...but that's besides the point. 

Our special weapons are logic, satire,a mocking tone and  swear words (that's a warning for you kiddies; PG-13 doesn't apply here). Our tactics consist of a highly advanced method called "The search engine" intimatly tied in with the higly advanced procedure we like to call "Copy and Paste".


DISCLAIMER- While AFSWATTF is presented in a comedy style the cases that we target are very real, very serious and sometimes very dangerous in their ideologies. Other times they're just downright hilarious, but still. We advice that you take our writings for what they are; a warning. That being said we look at them in depth so you don't have to so enjoy the most unbelievable fluff brought directly to you "for da lolz". 

AFSWATTF is Recruting!

Yup, that's right- We have a forum-


Join in the fray and submit your own reports, or just have a bloody good chat.

Hope you're looking foward to  it as much as we are!

The Founding Team

CPT. Nik, CO of the AFSWATTF, Medic.
LT. Melody, CO of Intelligence Devision.
LT. DLF, CO of Logistics Devision.

LT. Seraphyna, Biological Devision.

The Scarecrow, Logical Blunt Force Trauma.

 Our Menfesto

Even though I doubt anyone will read this ever, this is what the AFSWATTF stands for, alright? Just so everyone quits calling us malicious hackers. I can barely hack a computer in Fallout 3, so I can't do it in real life to save mine, got it?

There's alot of fluff out there. IE people who wish to form a vampire nation, people who are gearing up for a war, people who claim to be 6000 year old vampire kings. These people are funny, and I, sometimes we, like to point that out. Sometimes these people advocate doing very, very, VERY shit-stupid things.

For example, one guy says that all vampires are Satanists and must be wiped out. I like to point things like that out to say that no, you probably should not go out and shoot vampires in the face. Unless they sparkle in the sunlight and have the surname Cullen. In which case fire at will, soldiers!!

I for one, don't hate every single site out there, and I firmly believe that the good far outweighs the bad. And some things I've pointed out before, I maybe shouldn't have done, because they're not THAT bad, and sometimes kinda good. There's no malice behind this, I don't harbour any grudges against anybody, it's all in good fun, as I doubt this is gonna change anything.

So, if you have a problem with what we do, tough. It's not meant to hurt, it's on the fucking INTERNET, and you are more than welcome to go to another site and forget we even existed. Hell, the entire thing started as joke, which is admittedly getting kinda stale. And I've been thinking about just calling it quits, but dammit all, I like doing this.

To sum up, we're not evil, we don't hate anybody, and everyone else kinda needs to chill. Thank you.

Captain Nik, AFSWATTF Founder.

P.S. Of all the satire sites out there, we're probably the nicest around. I mean, have you ever read Portal of Evil or Something Awful? Quality sites, both, but they can get downright nasty. And ED even kinda advocates active trolling, while I strictly forbid it.

See the diff?

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