AFSWATTF- Report by Pte. Kahoku, cookie monster extrodinare; Otherkin Forums.

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Friday, March 20, 2009

AFSWATTF Report Number: 39534
Author: private kahoku
Target: / lady dunsany
Fluff Level: don't know, can't see the top from here.

this is only my own history with otherkinforums, and it's still pretty long... you might know one part or the other, but i hope you'll still enjoy reading this summary.
please disregard typos, my laptop keyboard is really crappy.

when i first heard about the place called otherkinforums, i wondered why people couldn't give their places a creative n...

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AFSWATTF- Pvt. Naied the fluffpire slayer; Fairies and Vampires

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Sunday, March 8, 2009
"Into every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone shall stand against the fluffpires, demofluffs, and forces of fluffness. She is the Fluff Slayer...Key awesome intro theme by Nerf Herder, and here we go...."
Level of Fluff: There is not a level high enough.
Type of FLuff: Name it

I would like to begin with a quote from a randomly selected member of this website.

"Ok, don't freakout but, I'm a real Vampire. I know...
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AFSWATTF- Report By Captain Nik; Occult Forums (Otherkin Forums Sister Site)

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Monday, March 2, 2009
AFSWATTF Report Number: 1123581321 (Props to who knows this.)
Author: Cpt. Nik, Leader of THE most kickass otherkin military unit by virtue of it being the only one in existance. Except for John Sharkey's, but he's a loony-tune, so we don't talk about that.
Target: Lady D's other site of horrific horror, fluffy fluff, and rampaging BS. That rampages.
Fluff Level: Take a wild friggin' guess. (Hint: Nope, higher.)


Leader of a crack team of namers and shamers I might be. Phoenix I might be. P...
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AFSWATTF- Report by Captain Nik; Otherkin Forums

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Lt. DLF- Pardon me Sir! But Might I suggest that we post the link to the forum as a first and foremost Sir!?.... Oh wait.... I'm in charge of the editing process.... awesome XD

Naming and Shaming-

AFSWATTF Report Number: 11:47 PM
Author: The one and only me.
Target: OtherKin Forums
Fluff Level: Dear God, I'm scared.

Welp, I have to say. This may very well be the Castle Otherkin for a new generation. I can't ...
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AFSWATTF- Report by Captain Nik; Vampires and Fairies (There's just too much NOT to keep posting about them)

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Sunday, February 22, 2009
AFSWATTF Report Number: for (int i = 7 ; i <= 20 ; i++)
Author: Captain Nik. (I couldn't think of anything witty)
Target: (1) One whole heck of alot
Fluff Level: c.println ("Infinite!");

That's right, computer humour. If you were wondering if this entire military unit could be any more of a spectacular mess, well, there's your answer.

Look, I'm starting to wonder if everybody but me and the team thinks that 'Kin persecution is off the friggin' rails. Even on sites I actually like I see stuff like ...
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AFSWATTF- Not-So-Report Report by Lt. Sera; Hippie Kin

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Brace yourselves, kids!

I came across this site today and it's just far too without further ado!

The Shadow Cavern Otherkin Pack!

This is the design for the Pack House. The Plan for this is to make a living on our own, so naturally a farm setting will be implied and everyone will have to pull in and do their share of work. However, in doing this we prepare ourselves for success as well as our next generations. We become self suffecient and dont rely on the humans as much...

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AFSWATTF- Not-So-Report Report by Lt. Sera; The Lycan-Vampire Wars Rage

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Wednesday, February 18, 2009
A note from Lt. DLF
Before we go into this one i'd like to once again enthesise that we name, shame and humiliate on this site so that you don't have to. While this person was/is on a popular otherkin site we strongly discourgae forum flame-wars over one contained case, even we try to avoid the flame wars- and we have a dragonkin and a phoenixkin in our regiment!

So here's the latest fluff ball on
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AFSWATTF- Report by Lt. DLF; Fairies and Vampires and Abbadon, Oh My!

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AFSWATTF Report Number: The Hoosiers, Track 2.
Author: Lt. Dlf
Subject: Vampire fairy twilight goth emo punk sk8ers/ Abbadon
Fluff Level: Makes me want to sandpaper my laptop screen.

First thing is first-

Im still young and need to lean how to use and control my magic.
Posted by Jadea Princess of the 11 realms
“I'm only 14 years old in human years.I am princess of the 11 realms so learning my magic would be a good thing for me.I still have to unlock my magic.please help me as best you can”.


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AFSWATTF- Report by The Scarecrow; Femmekin

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Monday, February 16, 2009
AFSWATTF Report Number: My first.
Author: The Scarecrow.
Target: The Femmekin.
Fluff Level: I'm all for Feminists; they've done a wonderful job so far. These are just feminists with a fascist fetish elavating themselves beyond the realms of dream and miracle. For which I have a negative level of respect far beyond the realms of sanity.
Additional fact: When I started posting there, the topics died a cruel death. Treatment marginally succesful.

Why do we call ourselves feminine? Well, w...

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AFSWATTF- Report and Then Some by Captain Nik; Fluffy Human Haters

Posted by Dragonslorefury on Monday, February 16, 2009
Hey guys! Two quick things:

A.) I'm all better now!

B.) Bonus content! God bless Encyclopedia Dramatica. Really! For one, they seem to be on a parallel track as the AFSWATTF to take fluff down a couple pegs, and for two, they made fun of Embracing Mystery.

There's some funny photoshops on the main Otherkin article, alongside information on other fluff:

And on the article about M, it's really well written. And I contributed as well awhile back. M...
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