Oh, and it's been about one year since I met y'all. So this is dedicated to all the members of the AFSWATTF, Permanent Wiki, and everyone here. I'd mention names, but then I'd forget one, and that just ain't cool. So this one is for you guys.

-AFSWATTF Official Report. Finally-
Report Number: Something or other.
Subject: TrueKin. OR "Hell hath no wrath like a person on the internet banned."

Once upon a time, back before I joined the site, there was a woman who joined OK.com. Her name was Nimir-Ra, and she was as indecisive as they come. Nothing wrong with that, of course, I mean, even I changed because I realized I made a whoopsie. However, indecisive is putting it rather mildly.

In no particular order, she claimed to be: Fae, Shrew, Leopard, Psy-Vamp with shrew tendencies or vice versa I don't know, and now, Dragon. This constant changing led to administration banning her, soon followed by some of her friends, quitting the forum out of protest. Her name became white, and all returned to normal.

Several years later, here we are, and hoo boy, this may be one of the most spiteful things I've ever seen.

Now she has her own site, and apparently is her current boyfriend's past life mate. And her boyfriend also gets off on passing wind.

No, I am not making this up. And if I had to suffer through reading that, then you do too. And to be completely honest, I don't know what to think of HatchlingBy Heart (henceforth HBH, as that's easier to type.) On the one hand, who am I to judge if he's a dragon or not? On the other, he goes on and on about chronic flatulence in his origin story, I think his fursona has something to do with that, and if you merge real life and role play like that, then I start asking a few questions.

Plus, they call us fluffy, but then they don't question some guy who claims to be the son of a goddess, and his dragon spirit was the guardian of all the universe's knowledge. I mean, all the secrets of the universe, really? That just sounds ripped off of a "Digimon are real" site I once saw profiled on Something Awful. Members claimed to be astral guardians of gates that led to the Digital World.

Truly a noble cause.

Anyway, they got punted around a few forums, and eventually made their own, claiming that it is the only true one, all others have some great big lie of otherkinity, and by gum, they're our saviours. Fuck me but I'm getting a migrane. Oh yeah, and vampires don't exist. Why? Because they say so, that's why. Do not question them, because they have the word "True" in their site title, which means they can never lie amirite?

They also seem to dislike DW with a passion, as they took his history and called him crazy and I think afflicted with porphyria or something. And seemed to think this all tied to the fact that he wouldn't let someone borrow a screwdriver. Jeez, that's kinda unfair on their part. Lord knows I've flipped out on people who come into my room and take my stuff. Anyway, the entire reason they blasted him was because he banned them from OK.com, hence my alternate title up there. Therefore showing that they aren't doing it because they think he's fluffy, they're doing it out of pure spite.

Of course, that's not their only motive, whoa no. Here's their manifesto. Any of my comments will look like this. Their writing will be the normal forum text.

With plenty of other "otherkin" sites out there, what makes us so special, given that at the time of this writing there's only 4 members and we yet have no established place on the internet as an otherkin community?

Because you say so?

The answer is simple. We aren't just any otherkin community, or at least, not one that allows anyone to just show up willy-nilly and start bouncing claims left and right.

For God's sake. Look no further than the content section -of their own site- to see this little gem disproved.

We're called Truekin for a reason. We're not saying Otherkinity itself is a bad concept, nor was it originally false, but face it, today's otherkin communities on the internet love to stretch the truth and even lie outright about what's possible and what isn't.

Please go buy a mirror and look in it. For all our sakes.

quillofmetatron and I have long been searching for ourselves and our spirits, often we turned to and seen these communities and we've thought "What fresh hell is this!?", I know the feeling. with communities such as 'Otherkin.com' and 'Otherkin Alliance', which often allow posers into the community to overshadow and undermine others who are genuinely there to discover themselves. Which of course you'd never do, right? Right? These posers are what we call "Plastickin", they don't really have spirits or past lives they want to discover, but merely have social disorders or just general issues with themselves and their human life, wanting an escape from reality.

And there goes my irony meter up in a thermonuclear fireball.

Plastics have long been a problem on the internet. They strive constantly to forge a false identity of themselves as a creature other then a human, without once wanting to return to reason and reality and face up to the fact that even those that HAVE spirits or past lives, are human here and now.

I agree with them here.

Of course, it's none of our business what people want to believe about themselves, but it's their actions on otherkin communities that make those that are truly endowed with another spirit feel out of place or like they need to compete.

And here.

We created Truekin in hopes to forge the world's first site where people can open up HONESTLY about themselves, a site that's free of plasticdom.

Uh, not unlike EVERY OTHER SITE I've ever seen about 'Kin.

"But..", I hear you ask, "How can you really tell who speaks the truth about themselves and who is plastic?". Magic 8-Ball?
Simply put, quillofmetatron and I have spent the last 10 years each studying the phenominon known as otherkinity. We know the signs of a faker, as we've met our fair share of them, as we have also met some geniune.

Holy shit the exploded remains of my irony meter just blew up again!

We downplay the term "Otherkin" however, because we feel it's too stained with a history of fakes and posers, coining instead, the term "Truekin".

That's like throwing out a mildewed dish towel and replacing it with used toliet paper.

Truekin symbolizes truth and honesty in finding your spirit, be it human or animal, and anyone is welcome to take this journey with us. Most 'kin attempt to shun their human side, but that part of anyone is JUST AS important.

Holy crap a trifecta of agreement. Too bad it's from someone in love with a person who can't decide on a kin-type if her life depended on it.

We hope to found a new era of inner spiritual discovery without deception, without conflict, and most importantly of all, without shunning the human spirit.

Yeah, good luck with that. Has any 'Kin site really managed to convince anyone of anything EVER?

Bless you all, and I hope you find this place enlightening. Please help us build on this community any way you can!

Haha no.

HatchlingByHeart - Co-Founder and Server Admin

Peace up, A-Town down. Whatever the hell that means.

So. If you want my opinion, this kinda sounds like they're mirroring Sony when they ripped off Nintendo's motion sensing shtick for the Wii-mote. As in, trying to come off all original and what-not, but in reality, just copycatting everyone else. IE: Plastic = Fluff. Trying to say, "Oh, you is human too." when people on OK.com have done that for years.

I could go on, but I think this's TL:DR already. So, I bid you a fond adeiu until the next time.

Thank you, and have a nice day.