Honestly, after reading through a bit of the content here, you'd start to wonder if these guys were actually trolls posing as fluff, like the Landover Baptist Forum was at first. But so far I haven't seen anything here that indicates this like I did on Landover. There seems to be no "spell" on here that doesn't set off some twinge of irritation within my psyche. Another thing to realize is that even though this site has over a thousand members, it's got only a handful of ACTIVE members. There is still a large number of topics, but many of them detail the "stereotypical" facet of voodoo.

The overwhelming majority of the material here is "dark side" variety, and it's all bullshit through and through. The spells written are completely nonsensical; they give directions and say what happens, but don't explain HOW precisely writing "Hyraxylos" and/or "BBB" on a sheet of paper four times, rubbing soap on the paper, folding it up, and dropping it someplace is supposed to make me poof out of existence; ( ... t2093.html ) it just does, somehow, and don't you dare question it!! D:<
Another big criticism I've got is that even if some of these spells are real, what's the point? Many of them look like they're overcomplicating things that should be simple, sometimes to the point of inflicting harm upon others. Such as this one:

"Getting Rid of Warts":ʹ-rid-of-warts-trick-t1298.html
Let's ignore the bullshit for the moment and assume this spell would actually work. How about instead of selfishly giving your own acne to somebody else completely innocent, and running the risk of your own warts coming right back (and removing the POINT of the whole thing) due to your failure to treat your skin PROPERLY, you simply go out and get the medical products necessary and treat yourself in accordance with what a dermatologist would suggest? This isn't that complicated.

Same deal with "Changing Someone's Mind":ʹs-mind-t191s25.html
Walk up to someone and logically address the belief they have that you'd like them to change. There's no guarantee that it'll work, and it might backfire upon yourself (sometimes this's happened with me), but if you're talented with words and the ideal you're arguing against is flimsy enough, it'll capitulate.

"Getting His Attention": ... 41s50.html
The stuff about honey is completely unnecessary. All you have to do is jump out in front of someone very suddenly, jump up and down excitedly while waving your arms around, and shout out "ZOMGZ HEY YOU PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!"

For another sample from myself to contrast with this site, there's the thing I said recently in an post:

Spell Components: a chat client, a bit of time, and an excessively passionate dragon.
Instructions: Ask ThirdEye or Scorpiochess in chat about the purported "mission" of Starseeds or Indigo Children. Viola!
Other Info: Using this spell makes it less likely to work the next time and will shorten the duration. Wait for subject's memory of the resulting explosion to fade over several months before casting again.
Case in point, there's no mystery to the association of cause-and-effect here, so it's a lot more plausible. But there ain't any of that in this cesspool of utter fail.

Predictably, the most frequently-appearing idea is that of conjuring money from nowhere. Another common one is making couples either break up or get into fights. Sadly, there are no spells that can cause two people who are "just friends" to get into a fight, or else I might be interested in testing it out with Nik.

The final thing of note is the one that made me wonder if Lucky Mojo was a troll site: ... 51s25.html
Invoking the name of a religious figure who advocated pacificism in order to inflict malicious harm upon another for selfish reasons could irritate someone on some level even if they weren't Christian. To top that off, the only response it gets is from the site owner making a non-response of "Thanks for posting." In the end, I'm left not really knowing WHAT to think on whether these lunatics are serious or not.

Final point: by a long shot, there are worse things out there than most of the fluff we've come across. Maybe this site doesn't quite measure with TimeCube, but then what does?

Lt.DLF- Hmmm yes I approve I approve, but next time fill in the obligatory fake report form before moving onto the inevitable rant!
Thirdeye- Yes ma'am!
Lt.DLF- Aaaaand now I feel old.