AFSWATTF Report Number: 2
Author: private kahoku
Target: home of the kin / xxxravenohayexxx
Fluff Level: funny
Status: open

on january 26, 2010 this pm went out to two members of

"i appreciate your consent but could you please stop repeating what i said? i have noticed it a couple of times now.

Thank you."

Both of them listed their kin types as "demon - guardian/familiar", both of them kept copying/rewriting my posts (e.g., if i told a potential demon-kin not to base their kin type on looks, they would surely reply with "looks don't tell you what you are" and "don't rely on looks!").

I had also received pm from one of them, asking me more about my kin type... only to see him running around giving exactly the same answers to other people.

One of them understood. one did not (that's the guy with the pm, and the guy this report is about).

the latter apparently thought that, after 2.5 months in the community and knowing about his kin type for a little less than that, he was experienced and important enough to create yet another otherkin forum, which he also advertised on

On a side note: when first entering, he claimed to be an incarnated god named bran. only after a good piece of questioning, and a warning, he decided he was actually a demon who got worshiped like a god. he had been soul-searching for one day and eight hours.

"Home of the kin" is huge, which makes the few posts in it look even fewer. Apparently, they had taken all the subforums on every single forum they could find, and added them to their own. Well, nothing to really worry about.

What bothered me more was this:

xxxravenohayexxx wrote:

I created this for knowledge seekers hoping to sate their hunger

and then added a faq, which was a blatant copy of my work (articles and faq on granted, he mentioned a resource, but that's just a compilation of... guess what? articles.

i politely asked him to edit his post, stating that it was not his work. no answer yet.

But... if that was all, it wouldn't be worth a report, right?

He then removed the link from, and i soon found out why (thanks, dlf!): when i said they had copied each and every subforum that there is, i meant it. they copied's fluff hunting section. And guess what's in there - a section about, one about nocturnus ( sister forum), and some about certain individuals, one of these devoted to darkwander. in which a global admin says:

I 100% Agree with you in this one what a damn fluff that man is. I can keep on going about him for hours.

xxxravenohayexxx responded:

Did you miss the memo? No more picking on DW. He's going through some rough shit ATM. So lay off...for now ["twisted" smiley]


Decide for yourselves if it was compassion or just the fear of being found by the staff.

Another member then added:

Whatever he is going through is well deserved in my opinion.

I don't know who ella moor (the mod) or soren frost (the member) are, probably from nocturnus since it's in that section.

This report is not closed yet, i'm sure there will be much more to add.

(Sgt. DLF: While not all of this post is related to the fluffyness of the member of HotO, our Cookie Moster has the right to preserve his posts damnit; copying them is totally out of order!!!!1!!!!
Private Kahoku: Wait...are you copying my post into the AFSWATTF webite!? >=C
Sgt. DLF: closed =>)