Report No.- 21:34
Subject-Me (apparently), as seen through Truth, Lies and Conversation's 'Scum of the Earth'.
Fluff Level- No real fluff just utter bitchy-ness. =P

First things first. Name and shame-

Oh what a fun new site to discover! Not that I intend to spend a great amount of time (or writing) on it, but still.

I find myself typing this due to a PM i got from a certain member of a certain forum sending me to a link about a topic on yours truly.
-Celebrity smile time-.
Though thoughts did go through my head as to whether it was PMed to me through actual concern or in order to bait this report I'm not quite sure (although knowing the cheeky fellow I'd probably say it was a mixture of both). So, anyways, through this certain members lovely mixture of care and baiting I found myself linked to this topic-
Also of care and baiting....Albeit the care is a little bit different- as instead of caring about my reputation they, instead, care about how many people they can make care about how 'evilz' I am; 'Scum of the Earth'....I'm feeling the love =P

I wonder if it occurred to them how much I love hearing scathing criticisms about myself; I feel like a yBa with all this flaring attention around me! Nothing’s better than a bit of humorous, in-your-face criticism.
Though, for the sake of my position in AFSWATTF, I am obliged to retaliate.

Quotes time! 8D
(Warning- Half the time I find myself slipping into talking about the people who said these things, if this annoys you then I apologise. Unless you actually are the people who said these things, in which case I hope some of this will sink into your skulls; I've only said some of these things like a bajillion times.)

ofthis asshole she has a stupid site ASFWATTF where she goes to otherkin forums and occult forums and rips them apart.
Just because I saw it fit to rip 'otherkin forums'  apart doesn't mean that I want to rip all otherkin forums apart, silly bunny. That's like saying because I have a flaming hatred for one specific Chocolate bar I must be on a personal mission to tarnish the reputation of every chocolate bar in existence-it just doesn't work..... although it does make for some interesting mental pictures.....

Beyond that I don't think I ever made a single comment on 'Occult forums'....although of course I must have; because apparently I have made it my purpose in life to destroy all occult and otherkin forums. Oooh! Myth-making and persona constructing is fun!!

She calls herself LT DLF which everyone laughs at.

That's kind of the point; it is a comedy adaptation after all. Read the disclaimer man.

The only one that pays attention is her idiot followers and anyone who can not thinkThe only one that pays attention is her idiot followers and anyone who can not think. .
I thought we'd established before that Nik is the leader of AFSWATTF; hence he's the Captain and I'm the Lt. . If you keep on letting the cat out of the bag, ahem, I mean talking out of turn then Captain Nik may catch on, erm, I mean...feel lonely and rejected.....

Captain Nik- LT.!
Lt. Dlf- Y..yes Captain Nik, Sir!
Captain Nik- What's all this about you being the leader of AFSWATTF
Lt. Dlf- Nothing Sir!
Captain Nik- Then why do all your business cards read 'Captain Dlf'?
Lt. Dlf-.....erm.....typo?
Captain Nik- Ah! Very good, carry on then. -Strolls off-
Lt. Dlf- Phew

Seriously though, AFSWATTF was the idea of Nik and, while I'm sure he gets just as much of a kick out of you thinking I own AFSWATTF as I do, it's not really fair that his hard work and brilliant satirical style gets attributed to him. So get your facts straight, or an obligatory Native American man will have to cry a single solitary tear of anguish.

She is an asshole and no one cares about her, we all spit on her. She is more than scum
of the earth she is the diamond under your shoe. 
That's odd....I haven't been spit on since Primary School....oh wait, this is all connected to my comments on Lady D and Otherkin Forums: Must be astral spit.
To be honest I don't really mind if you don't care about me, but you seem to keep on posting about me, so you obviously care. I can feel the love! =D
As for being the diamond under your shoe.....diamond.....shiny....sparkly....valuable.....Okay! I'll be that diamond for you, it's a job that someone must take. ^_^

she is otherkin person by the sounds of it.

I is totally otherkin person! How did you manage to put my self-identification into such an articulate manner!?!

I was spying not too long ago and they admitted they took a thread Odin had put on a forum and changed it to make Lady D's husband look bad.
Firstly I'd love to know how you managed to spy on a public forum, a concept that is both awesome and idiotic in equal measure. Secondly none of the screen prints here are changed- that would require waaay to much time and effort that I'd rather spend on other activities. Thirdly, I have nothing against Odin personally, infact he was actually very nice and polite to my partner despite how much his missus loathed me, so I consdier him to be an obligatory gentleman at least.
In a way it is great because Odin and co have riled them and made them more angrier by the minute.

Again- Odin- no personal issues with the guy. He seemed nice enough.

Beyond that, actually ended up letting go of the whole Lady D saga as old, over-drawn and (quite frankly) repetitively boring. If you don't believe me then go on and you'll see both threads dedicated to Lady D and otherkin forums locked (one of which I like to think I helped with).

So how are we the angry party here when we've let it go and you're still bitching about some stranger over the net who said a few 'mean words' to some people yonks ago?

What makes me really laugh about her is she thinks her opinion and that of her play mates actually matter to occultist....

At which point did I say 'Attention all Occultists- AKNOWLEDGE ME!!!!1!"?
Perhaps it was at the point where I managed to go on an occult forum vendetta without even knowing......
Maybe I sleep-avenge? =P

most otherkin no nothing about the occult and are too stupid to learn, and because they don't want to learn they bash.

ZOMG you're right!
I've been too stupid to actually go off and learn about the occult!
I know! I shall redeem myself by dropping all my course learning, ditching my Museum internship, quitting my job and dedicate all my time to learning about the productive subject that is 'the occult'.....Wait a minute.....

Pfft, get over yourself Eddy.
(The fact that I actually joint-ran an occult society last year in Uni is also meaningless of course =P)

If she comes here and I see her here, I will ban her SO FAST it will make her head spin!!

Good for you!!
Meaningless bans make everything better!
Well...unless, of course you happen to be 'Otherkin Forums' XD

In closing, either let it go or keep on posting about me in a bitchy and aggressive manner; because, god-knows, I love the laughs.

-End Report-