By now anyone that reads our page or frequents (or even knows about the whining Otherkinforums has felt the need to do because it can't handle criticism. There have been blows and immature comments on both sides but this one takes the bucket.

Just for the record this is what ZImmerchild, Admin at, said to apparently 'deserve' this (and trust me; the word 'deserve' is a big fucking stretch)-

Odin wrote:
Passive+Entrophy wrote:
I was poking around for other 'kin forums to join, and I happened to find this place.
Already joined, it looks pretty cool.
no other forums advertised here, only information sites.
And it begins....

I fixed Odin's quote, since ya know...Also, screen shot is available, because I believe the thread is soon to be deleted or moved.
Now it won't be, just to spite me

Also, it appears that Odin is once again confused. I just checked the members list, and unless he's now transgender or female, he's not a member there.

Female you say? Lady Sarah Taylor Dunsany anyone?

haha...too true, but then again, I've always held the position that both Odin and D were the same person.

And the reply Odin so delicatly decided to say (which shows that he's not only still reading but also still allows himself to get irked by the tiniest comment we make) is this-

And because Odin's post is so messy I'm also going to quote it-
"zimmerchild I am not Lady Dunsany and if you had half a brain bitch you would have figured out I have always been here, so fuck off cunt. get a life. zimmerchild you are a little paranoid aren't you. I am not the one who is bi-polar and has a retarded child, the result of your screwed up genes.You don't want to fuck with me zola."

Yeah, you heard right.
The levels of  both stupidity and scum just went up a notch on the internet with this single post. These are the types of arogant, judegemntal and down right offensive jerks that we try to avoid in public; but on the net they get their own forum to rule over as Admins and somehow manage to gain and keep the respect of a small group of dedicated members.

So, how did Odin get around this one?
That's simple, a little while after making the post, and probably realising it'd be him in the shitter for it and not, he deleted all of his posts and posted up this-

Pfft, please, we have the screenies, we've heard the lies before and we're not buying what you're selling- mostly because it's brown, smelly and lacks a certain consistency that you'd expect.

Oh and on another note Lady D pulled the exact same "My account was hacked and it wasn't me posting" bullcrap that we see here with Odin. Deja-moo?

Odin give it up!
You've been named, shamed and screenprinted.