Fucking. LOL.

<system_error_message> what did you want to say?
<system_error_message> it better not be one of this moments which you record things and publish it somewhere
<Nik> Why would I do that? Heck, dude, I can't even copy this text
<Nik> My client's all messed up
<Nik> Anyway, have you heard of a group called....hang on a sec, gotta get the name.
<Nik> While I find it, tell me something, how many groups do you know, just outta curiousity
<system_error_message> what sort of groups?
<system_error_message> i know some orgs
<system_error_message> some online groups
<system_error_message> depends
<Nik> Online groups. Militant mainly. I get the feeling this group I'm talking about might be an offshoot of one of 'em, but I wanted to run it by someone else.
<Nik> They mentioned getting a new ally, but god knows that's pretty ambiguous
<system_error_message> well i've seen vsociety
<system_error_message> parapsychology websites
<system_error_message> some other magick related sites
<system_error_message> like magickcourse.com
<system_error_message> i've analysed quite a lot
<Nik> Anything talking about....lemme find the quote...."Destroying otherkin we don't find up to snuff."?
<Nik> I think that's what this group is about
<Nik> Oh whoops, forgot to give you the name
<Nik> It's the AFSWAT
<Nik> Dunno what it stands for, except for SWAT
<Nik> It's Special Weapons and Tactics. Same as police depts. I think the founder thinks it's funny
<system_error_message> you mean they're aimed to destroy otherkin?
<system_error_message> lol there are real dragons working in the police force
<system_error_message> even in tactical weapons
<system_error_message> they just use a human form
<system_error_message> and appear normal
<Nik> Seriously? How many d'you think? That's awesome that dragons care enough to protect the human race. =)
<system_error_message> lol
<system_error_message> i dont think they do
<system_error_message> they're annoyed that they're ignored by the human race
<system_error_message> oftenly they dont care
<system_error_message> but i've given them another chance
<system_error_message> infact quite a lot are starting to switch over to my world from here
<Nik> That's great that you give second chances
<Nik> Not alot of people do these days
<Nik> Case in point: The group I mentioned
<Nik> Have you heard of 'em before by chance?
<system_error_message> AFSWAT
<system_error_message> heard of them
<system_error_message> but didnt check them
<system_error_message> because think about it, they arent of any threat to me. i've got lots of lives, even more than lucifer has
<system_error_message> i'm powerful enough to turn this planet into dust in less than a second
<system_error_message> i've achieved lots of things through my own effort
<system_error_message> 100% my own effort
<system_error_message> including the existance and resource support
<Nik> How long ago did you hear of AFSWAT? I only found out last week, and it took some doin'
<system_error_message> Nik, are you otherkin?
<Nik> Yeah, I'm a phoenix
<Nik> Out of curiousity, how much do you know about phoenixes? You seem to know alot of stuff about....alot of stuff. =P Most people I know are pretty ignorant about us
<system_error_message> i'm not gonna pull up some magic to make you that instantly
<system_error_message> i'm asking if you would like to take a path to being that physically
<Nik> Are....are you serious? That would make me happy as hell, pardon my French. Although, it might have to wait a bit, gotta focus on other stuff ATM
<Nik> But please, elaborate.