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Rofl. I was looking around the demon section, and found this:

This sounds alot like me but im not sure for i think im also a witch,vampire, and lycan I really need to do some soul searching lol.

adog then search for my post "having a talk with yourself" hope it helps

Thanks for the tip though is it possible to be a witch/vampire/lycan/demon? I feel all these relate to me the most.

its possible

Yea, just like it's possible Nimir was a physical wereleopard shrew therian snow leopard seelie sidhe.

This stuff is just too rich. XD I joined to see what you were talking about Sera, and you're right. Lady D doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.


Lady D:
I am an other-kin half human half elf. I have known this since I was two years old. I have a bit of fairy in me also. I saw my first fairy when I was two riding on a little white horse with wings. I met my first elf otherkin when I was five and was told of my heritage. We have strong magnetic energy can move objects and colored sparks shoot out from our fingers. We are kind, compassionate good to animals but can be dangerous if provoked or see harm done to others. We are shy but warm up to other if they are respectful. We have the ability to read minds and know if a person is good or not. I would like to know if there are any otherkin elves out there. If there are please make your self known.

Classic "I'm otherkin so I must have all these awesome powers woot for me!"

Colored sparks...from your fingers? Magnetically moving objects? Excuse me if I'm a bit skeptical, but yea.

Also, just cause you're an elf, doesn't mean you're good with animals. That's a human characteristic. Hell, I'm no where near an elf, and I'm amazing with animals.

Lady D:
Hate to disappoint you but all I say is true. I am well aware that being an elf otherkin is not a prerequisite for loving animals , it is just a part of us. Humans are crueler to animals that most have never envisioned in their wildest dreams. Now how would you feel if I questioned what you say you are? Sorry for your scepticism but it is true. Try telling that to my family my friends and my proctor.

In her own little dream world AND she can't spell. My grammar nazi alert went off on her hard. (And Godwin's Law just went off on my post hard!)

[quote=Lynxie]Colored sparks...from your fingers? Magnetically moving objects? Excuse me if I'm a bit skeptical, but yea.[/quote]

this can and will happen when one practices the craft of Hermetics as well as other kinds of Magick and the different rituals that one does on a daily basis it all has to do with the raising of energy and the connections made with the astral plane

Indeed. I know a lot about this subjects over the year, because i've been researching this. But that won't say that i will believe everything that is claimed on the internet.

You & Lady D can do this or have seen it, so i don't think this would be a problem to show your ability. I don't see any problem with this so i would suggest that you put time in that instead of discussing about it.
Because about the fact that there is no reason of discussing if it's very normal of doing this. Or claiming that you can do.

I practise magick for years. I started young with this and i've learned a lot about it. But in all that years i've heard many claims & no proof.

I won't discuss this. So long i don't see it with my own eyes i won't believe it. You can say what you want, but internet stays internet. Words are not enough if it's possible to show it in a physical way.

It wouldn't be a problem if i read that it's normal for Lady D.

Finally a smart one!

Lady D:
I have been this way since I was little but they did not come into the strength they are till I joined an order. My proctor is trying to get it under control. I am not the only one here that can do this, or I should say at our other site too. I am not going to make a video to prove it so I guess your skepticism must stay the course. What matters is I know it and the one's that work with me know it. That is enough for me.

No proof? Who else saw this coming?