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A favorite meeting place of the fluffs and a few serious otherkin are at a well known site called Otherkinforum.net. As most of you know, they have an entire discussion area on the Zombie kin.

First and foremost, I am not a believer in the Zombies as Otherkin. As DLF so kindly put it,

For me otherkin are those who are spiritually/mentally/pschologically/phsically or through reincarnation other than their kin- that kin being humanity. For me zombies don't qualify as this because being otherkin requires the person to have a signified concept of said humanity that they are somehow "other" from. Zombies don't tend to have this, zombies are somehow void of being sentient enough to grasp this concept of being "other than their kin and kin to the other".

I do believe, however, that all humans can be put in a Zombie like state. I recall watching a documentary on Witch Doctors that allowed a retired Doc to explain how they made Zombies out of living people. They created this white substance -no, it is not cocaine- that taken into the body, will turn them into a living dead being that is controlled by the Witch Doctor. Like all drugs that induce this kind of effect, the substance wears off giving people their minds back.

Back to the topic at hand. The infamous Lady D[ the Admin of OtherkinForums] asked if anyone has ever had an expirience with Zombie-kin. She obviously was not expecting this.

once in a mine where some miners died back in the late 1800s, and a demon was feeding off of their energies literally tearing away at their energy and deterating them slowly, i managed to get my way to the demon and dispatch it, the miners then were free to rest in peace (this was in WV) that is probally the closest i have come to seeing anything "zombielike"

Once again, typical fluff behaviour. They magically appear in the nick of time to fight off the bad guy and save the humans souls. I am sure someone can have a Past Life, but I don't remember someone recalling things this vividly.

What is funniest about these forums, is that someone said "I'm a vampire fairy dragon." Wow.

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