So after saying goodbye to Lady D I was informed that I was being impersonated on youtube-
Posted on a revealing youtube about Otherkin Forums sister site here-

Bringing children into the fray....classy.

Pte. Zimmer gives me a heads up -huggles- -
They really have it out for you DLF, Lady D even said Hi.

Meanwhile on their site (Which I'm IP banned on) Lady D had made a "Troll" post (Which Pte. Kahoku already metioned). The post itself is closed to member posting so basically serves for the Admins and Moderators to stroke their ego. So, what amazing defenses and clever arguments has the Lady developed?-
Hey DLF are you enjoying reading this? Hope you have some popcorn. I think instead of thinking I am behind anything look close to home, you never know.

XD My IP is banned silly Wabbit.
Even more than that she used her smarts and detective skills to conclude that I am the Captain of AFSWATTF O_O (Please don't hit me Nik)-
Dragonlorflury look here

speaks out against fluff. Come join the AFSWATTF! We're awesome!....Please

About Me

Phoenix, Canadian, asexual, soon to attend university, amateur artist and parkour practitioner. Hopes to one day learn bass guitar.

And Captain of the AFSWATTF. Duh!

And that's about it. If you wanna know anything else about me, the AFSWATTF, or hell, just want to tell me about the colour of your socks, feel free.

The forums are open, so commence with the fluff destruction.

This is also coupled with a bunch of poorly copy and pasted quotes (at least I think they're ment to be quotes, they're that bad of a quality).

So you'd think that banning me was enough but apparently not. I said my goodbyes but they want my blood.
Their next move was done by one of the moderators Y Ddraig Goch (who had got me unbanned the first time that I got banned)-
Y Ddraig Goch (Under the name Your Doom !!!!- mature)-
i came here on my own behalf. i dont know what that liar Dragonslorefury has told you about me, how i "helped" him... yea him...that's right Wallace... Dragonslorefury is a guy named Wallace... anyway... i came here to humbly ask that you leave and alone... no one from the mods there knows that i am posting here... and who do you think you are to deal justice and judge if some forum is role-players place... which i am positive its not with maybe you are afraid of competition, maybe you are afraid that your members will run away from your forums... in the grown ups world its called jealousy... GROW UP!!! it doesnt mean that if someone dissagrees with you they are wrong, and they are lying...

i would humbly ask that you leave those two forums alone... they haven't done anything wrong to you... as i remember some of you were there... stealing some of the posts and some of the information and used it here, at your forums... i have 1 word for that... poser ... even tho, you are still bold enough to brake the U.S. copyright laws... so i will ask nicely again... leave the forums alone... else... not sure if there is anyone on this planet that can help you... YES!!! its a threat, but before the threat is a nice plea... we can go either the nice and polite way or the hard way, which i promise it wont end good for you....

and i did not helped Dragonslorefury with anything.... he's a lying son of bitch... dont know if you know.... she is not what she tells you... she is actually a HE... his name is Wallace... and Wallace... this one is for you... i know where you live... you are not safe there anymore... believe me....

Sincerely Yours, Y Ddraig Goch

Pte. Cannibal (such a sweetie for calling me a sweetie ^_^ feel the wuv)-
Did you even bother reading our forum at all, or did you just bow down lovingly to your moronic leader, suck in every word she said, then come here and bitch?

Dragonslorefury is a sweetie, and you can shut your goddamn trap. If you're going to attack ANYONE, it should be Lopting, or maybe Seraphyna. No offense to Lopting of course, but he can understand why I mentioned his name.

If you look, you blind little fool, you will see that she was nothing but good, as was I. And we did nothing to supposedly attack your site, really, and you know what? We're banned now. Because YOUR leader decided to claim us as trolls, despite having no proof of it.

You're naught but a sheep, believing all that's said to you. Anything that was said was said in defense of our members. As far as I know, we've lost no one to your site because of the almost instant banning that happens because -god forbid- we have OPINIONS and we EXPRESS them. Some are more forceful about them than others, I'll admit -coughseraphynacough- but that's not the problem. The problem is Lady D and her inability to take any view that's not hers.

Since most of us are banned, and a good chunk of us for the wrong reason, you can take your plea and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Have a nice day, dear.

P.S. Spellcheck is your friend.

Scarewcrow (-huggles- my hero)-
See what you did, there?

You THREATENED one of our members. Not a smart move, darling.
As for DLF being a man: Simply; I couldn't care less if she were. To me, she's DLF. And a she.
Gender confusions set apart from this... (Wallace is, by the way, a last name, too, you know. Never heard of it used as a first name, actually.)

You threatened one of our members.

Now; what this holds in stock for you, from the AFSWATTF, I cannot yet promise.
However: Jealousy is not our concern. I myself am a member at both OKA and OKP, apart from this site. We get along very well. We're not afraid of losing members.
What we are afraid of is the complete destruction of any positive reputation the otherkin community has gained over the last ten twenty-odd years. And it wasn't easy to get it. Your side simply crunches it, with all the complete and utter stupidity, fluff and outright madness where it comes to any grips whatsoever on any sliver of reality even waved in front of your face.

(By the way: One could argue that I'm a woman called Anne. Does this make you happy? And no; I'm not a crossdresser, in case you'd get to that wonderful conclusion.)

And Cannibal is correct. If you want to assault anyone, assault me. Of course; you can't track my IP, because I'm Dutch. Tough luck, there.
She's also correct in the fact that you, sir, are a sheep who will believe anything some silly, cocky girl will spew to you, just because it's so magnificent. This is exactly the behavior that causes our reputation crunch.
She's also correct in that your admins simply banned everyone who questioned anything. Even if not forcefully. I don't hold a grudge to you banning me instantly; it was expected. But fair is fair: Someone needed to post on your forum what I posted, so it might as well have been me.
I wasn't trolling your forum, though. Call me offensive, call me an arsehole, call me a bastard, an evil thing, even... But not a troll. I was completely on-topic, when I posted that, and it was definately related to your forum, too.
Who are we to judge? Tell me; who are yóú to judge? We judge on your fluff, and your complete forum dictatorship. What do you judge ús on? For calling you out?
Who are we to claim we have a right to judge you? Well; we're the AFSWATTF. Someone has to do it, and we're doing it.
Hell yeah Scarecrow! Representing the AFSWATTF in full form.

I finally see it (thus re-affirming that they want ma blood)-
Wallace can be a first name as in Wallace and Gromit; great British comedy. 
But nah, I'm no Wallace, first or last and -grabs her boobs- well I don't think I'm a man... hope not at least.

Thanks you two for saying such nice things about me.
Y Ddraig, well I thought you were nice and I understand where you're coming from, but we left your forum alone a few days ago. When a person gets banned that's pretty much supposed to be the end of it hun, don't know if anyone ever taught you that.

But Lady D impersonated me on YouTube and now you come on here and post to leave us alone, you really can't leave US alone now can you? I think you need to grow up yourself; there's more to life than some randon generic person who got banned on a forum and decided to speak up about it.

Have a Nice day,
Dragonslorefury (a.k.a. Wallace apparently)

Y Ddraig (quoted without his permission I might add XD)-
explain then if u are so sweetie.... i was informed that you tried to hack yea DFL... and i was blamed for helping you in first place... cause u bragged about it somewhere on this forum... and no... i dont blindly follow our "leader"... she is actually my friend.. she has helped me alot... some of you are just to blind and ignorant to see the wisdom and knowledge she has... i know that many of you here have nothing to do with the recent attacks at i think that some of the staff here are involved it those attacks... i am not bitching to everyone here... i am just giving notice to those that did attacked the forums... cut the crap... grow up... if u dont like the forums... dont go there... just because u dont like them doesnt mean u must take them down... i am still trying to solve this crap the nice way... yes... sometimes Lady Dunsany is overprotective towards the members there... but its due to recent events when we got forum trolls, role-players, retards who thought to study otherkins like a lab rats... if anyone here that wasnt involved in these recent events but is offended by my posts here... i am truly sorry... i just want to solve this crap once and for all... as for the use of force... lets all hope that it wont come to that...
O_O.... hack a forum... wow I didn't know I could do that!

Scarecrow (Living up to his blunt-force-logic label)-
For one:
She never claimed you helped her in any way other than the unban, I think. (DLF, that is.)
Second: The staff, including Zimmerchild, is completely and utterly innocent, save me.
Third: I only placed one post on your site, because your admin was harassing our members up to an extent where patience or kindness was no longer an option.
Fourth: Again, you threaten with violence. Something you cannot live up to, no matter what powers you claim to have. I'm sorry, but this is just a sweet little tantrum, and nothing more.
Fifth: Otherkinforums was, indeed hacked. It wasn't us, trust me. We neither have the know-how, nor the inclination to hack your site. Hacking someone's site is just plain cruel, and doesn't solve anything.
Sixth: I don't know if you have any clue about what happened to Occultforums.COM. Again; it wasn't us.
In all honesty, it wouldn't surprise me if your wise friend had killed her own site on purpose, in order to put this 'we've got serious enemies' thing in your mind. After all; she's also posted on a youtube film under the alias of Dragonslorefury2, spewing about Zimmer. (And Zimmer's kid.)

Have you ever wondered why she needed 600 dollars a month to maintain a forum worth 50 a year? Have you wondered why receives the same treatment?
Have you wondered why Dunsany and Odin live in the same house, have the same statements, and are, overall, remarkably alike? Yes; Sanura and Darkwander live in the same house, for as far as I know, but they are nothing alike, even though they're a couple.
You've been informed that... I'm sorry, but by whó have you been informed? I bet it's either Katie Anne (Lady Dunsany) or Odin.

Now that I've had some time to calm down: I'm sorry for you, Y Ddraig. But it looks like you've been used.

And my last response to Y Ddraig-
Your Doom!!!! wrote:
explain then if u are so sweetie.... i was informed that you tried to hack yea DFL... and i was blamed for helping you in first place... cause u bragged about it somewhere on this forum...

Lopting is quite right; the only thing I ever said you helped me with was being unbanned. It was an unfair ban as well so you weren't in the wrong their.
I find it funny that, even though I never got passed KS3 in IT and can hardly even get my microwave to work, you think I have the know-how to shut down your site.
Although I am sorry that you got blamed, word on the grape vine is that alot of members, and mods, got accused of hacking the site, your Lady is paranoid.

However, I don't want anyone to get un-due blame and I really don't see the point in multiple people getting attacked because Dunsany is sulking. So I'm more than happy to take responsibility for the hacking if it will cause some peace. Tell your Lady that, although I have no knowledge in computing, I managed to hack into her system and shut her out. Tell her that I have a parade of friends at university who are doing IT, specialise in hacking, and can strike at any time, even to the extent of destroying her computer and all the technology in her house. Tell her that I have nothing better to do with my life then hack her forum, because I am, so obviously, jealous.
It will all be incorrect information, but that's never stopped you guys before. 

Your Doom!!!! wrote:
and no... i dont blindly follow our "leader"... she is actually my friend.. she has helped me alot... some of you are just to blind and ignorant to see the wisdom and knowledge she has...

Helped you so much by telling you you're a dragonkin and getting you to blindly accept it without any self-reflection, helped you by dragging you into all this unecessary garble and ranting while she strops off and asks her admins and mods to play chinese whisper.
I honestly don't think so, but I also doubt I could change your mind.
You'll see it sooner or later, and that I leave up to you.

Your Doom!!!! wrote:
i know that many of you here have nothing to do with the recent attacks at

So stop posting on other people's forums and bringing people's children and websites into this and have some tact; if you want to address just the people who you feel spited you then it's called an e-mail, a pm or even msn. Better yet, Lady Dunsany can talk to us herself, instead of dragging all of her members into the drama with her.

Your Doom!!!! wrote:
if u dont like the forums... dont go there...

So why are you here then?

Your Doom!!!! wrote:
just because u dont like them doesnt mean u must take them down...

True, but we weren't doing it because we don't like you, we said what we said because it takes alot to convince people that otherkin are reputable, and sites like yours go against that.
So we warn people not to go there because if people go there then they'll think the worst of otherkin and if newley awakening kin go to your forum then they'll end up getting the wrong information which would probably be destructive in the long run.
See Lady D is protective over you members, but we're protective over the whole otherkin community, which is why we ridicule and highlight your behaviour as a forum.

Your Doom!!!! wrote:
but its due to recent events when we got forum trolls, role-players, retards who thought to study otherkins like a lab rats... i just want to solve this crap once and for all... as for the use of force... lets all hope that it wont come to that...

Actually there have been no trolls, role players or retards going onto your forums; you wouldn't understand those definitions if they hit you. Or at least you've warped them so much that they've come to represent everyone and anyone who doesn't conform to you beliefs and may want to ask the occasional question.
Oh and by the way the whole "lab rat" thing was an invension of Lady D. What was actually said by one person was that they appreciated the scientific approach when it came to otherkin, something which should be considered not shunned as it does make up alot of the foundations of society.
How so are you going to use force? I'm sorry but you've got nothing hun.

After that he got banned.
Daaaw, bless.
Bets are up for what they'll do next.