Now; you must have realized there has been a banning spree in this forum lately, due to so-called trolling and insulting.

First off: If someone disagrees with you, then that's their opinion, and their right to state it.
If someone disbelieves your claims of magical prowess, then that merely makes sense. It's not a crime not to believe in the supernatural, and it doesn't make you non-kin. It merely makes you a sensible person who will believe something when they see it.

Quite frankly, I am amazed at the amount of fluff your site contains. Let me put it blandly: You are an insult to yourself, and the Otherkin community as a whole. You make us seem like fluffsters with nothing better to do than dream, and believe in your dreams, because, quite frankly, your life sucks, you can't find love, you're probably heavily overweight, and ugly as batshite. You lack any social skill whatsoever, and hardly ever leave the couch, or the television it's placed in front of. Charmed dictates your belief system, and you were bullied at school, and weren't capable of defending yourself against any sort of criticism, be it constructive, or destructive.

You've gone as far as to claim total dictatorship over the opinions of your members, and do not seem to care about the actual amount of members you will be able to get... As long as they adhere to your ideas, dreams, fantasies and your wish to be worshipped.

Truth hurts. Life hurts. Get over it, and make sure life doesn't hurt as much, anymore. Only you can do that, and a computerscreen will not save you from any kind of pain. But a social life will.

Get one.