To be named and and shamed once shame on us,
named and shamed twice, shame on you-

Lt. DLF (Messing around as usual)

Apparently I'm a demon! You'd think she'd at least spell my name right.

Lady D wrote:
I had no idea we were to be viewed as specimens under glass by a pseudo biologist and one who came in and was extremely rude. This forum is for true otherkin not for a self righteous self centered person like serephina. This is no role playing site and people who decide to come here to challenge us can turn and go back out the door. It is immaterial and frankly sad when one tries to have a forum for people to feel they will not be told they are not real. She is not welcome here and if you are going to do the same thing then neither are you.

moderator wrote:
well being that your friend came in and was just ripping everyone apart for what they believe is true in their heart and she proceeded to say that that she was a Other Kin angel with only true feelings for her self and doesn't have any inklination to help another human being or animal for that fact is not a Other Kin angel but more a Demon

I have read the post the she had done on the other site and after reading further come to surmise again more demon than Angel

Lady D wrote:
Serephina also told in every post that we are not real. I read her paper and as I said we are not specimens under glass. If she wants to study someone there are many other places she can go. Now enough said. I want this thread back on topic, save the walk in discussion for the walk in thread.

Wow...this is just priceless once again.

morrigan raven moon wrote:
you cant make me mad i am emo, vampire, witch, and i injoy death. so nothing makes me mad.

It's just too priceless.

Oh and Lady D gave me 2 mins to "get off the forum" earlier before she sends my IPs to the FBI. Lmao. First off, no proof those IPs belong to me...second what does the FBI care? Too funny.

Ah yes, it gets better...

Lady D wrote:
I have a question do you do hermetics or anything to do with golden dawn. Do you do any magick at all. There is a magick called southern magick and these women go from generation to generation and they can do this only with their own power. It is sad when people who swear they are part lynx believe that but can not believe in anything that is possible. Your range is extremely limited and if you do have to question me on what I am capable of doing then you are not real at all. Your mother is not raising energy because if she did then she would know of this. It is immaterial to me whether anyone believes this or not. Perhaps I should go on star search and have all of you in the audience and give you a demonstration. I would if your criticism were not so laughable. A word of advice do not attempt where you will never be able to go. So basically all of you that are here are not real otherkin you are role playing. I think there is a site called Alice through the Looking glass where you can all go. This discussion is over, as I did not question any of you when you came. I am closing this thread as you all are wasting my time.

That's this site in a nutshell, if you disagree with the owner/admin (lady d) your posts will probably be removed and the thread locked