This load of delusional White Wolf esque propaganda comes straight from the Fairies and Vampires board, previously and repetedly named and shames, from our reports.

Offender- Abaddon.
Location- A board called Knowledge Seekers;
Fluff Level- Barge Pole worthy.
Status- Quotes avaliable, Report needed.

Abaddon claims to be one of the only people on the site to know about true vampires etc. and claims pretty much infinite and ultimate knowledge. Through this knowledge he has managed to compile a breif and badly formatted "History of the World", so far three parts are avaliable, more than enough to name and shame him.

History of the world - Chapter I Greece to Rome: From Gods to Angels to Demons.
"The cradle of creation its self is centered around the Great Civilizations of the sea fairing nations of Greece, Egypt, and Asian-minor. But for the history of this lesion we shall only cover that where I was directly present.

In the beginning, the Universe was void and lacked all light, an Eternal Darkness without feeling, without awareness. Then like an explosion the universe expanded and light erupted forth from a single spark that spark was Gods will God willed that there be light and the One who is now named "Lucifer" who is called the greatest light was created. Then from the shattered remands of the Void its self God took the distant shadows named the Old Ones beings that had existed in the concussions that was part of God. He formed these beings into the personified Forms of the Gods of Man Each given a name by man each given a purpose by God who himself was Named Zeus but who's primal Name was Cronus With his Wife who was named Hera. The Gods themselves where the personified worship of man given there rights by the creator himself. Each God took up there place along side him each God held other names threw time though the lesser known names where given by the different cutlers of the world. One became Death Hades who is equal to the Angels of Death who's primal name was Erebus and he was associated with Nyx who was the Goddess Nebt-het. Discord the hand of death to both Hades and Areas who where of the same as well. War and Death, Beauty and Destruction, each go hand and hand. Such was the case that many gods would take up different names threw the progression of time. Poseidon God of the Sea God of the waters who was as wrath with out fire. Things progressed the Gods who sought to fill the positions given to them by God who gave them because of mans desire. Each God held there place each angel now called by man was a God personified. As time wore on the gods were repersonified again into the names of what we now call the planets. Year after the Gods who where not forgotten where renamed to the Angels and God the creator was renamed to just the Lord God. The Gods where given the names of the Angels Areas was named Michael. Poseidon Gabriel. Hades became Abaddon and Satan. Discord Aphrodite became Lilith. Hera who was then called Lucifer who was confused with Satan. Took to fallen and leaving heaven and with her many other Gods did fall Michael became the lord of hell Abaddon the destroyer, Lilith became his wife in hell. Many others followed after and all fell there bodies burned there wings destroyed Lucifer’s light burned there bodies and they became demons. Many where destroyed by Abaddon who then reformed at Gods side and where given the chance to remain as angels again but all Seraphim named Angels fell and became the greater demons some died some left hell and took up the flesh of the worldly creatures. Dragons, Werewolves, Vampire, and the like where often possessed of the soul of such beings. As time wore on they begin to forget there history some remembered some reunited because of there connections to one another but no two ever remain together for more then a few years. The torment of these creations continues to this day and many still suffer for it for there deeds but in heaven and on earth. I am such a being atoning perhaps threw the restoration of lost Knowledge."

I know, I know it reads like a bad fan fiction with random names and mythologies being chucked around more than a cricket ball during The Ashes. But there's more-

History of the world - Chapter II Egypt: Gods to Vampire.
"The following is a brief reparation taking place from 1000 B.C. to present.

In the being when the Old Ones where given form by the creator many where seen as the Gods of men in Egypt the Gods where seen as the only Gods the creator left it all to them and among them Ra took upon himself to become the God of Gods, followed by Asar(Osiris) The Second eldest, Aset(Isis) his wife, Nebt-het Sister to both, Anubis Son of Nebt-het and Asar, Bast Keeper of the Egyptian Archives, Horus Son of Aset and Asar, Set whom was killed and was the husband of Nebt-het. Each God carried out there place among the people of there nation, even consorting with the Gods of Greece asking Areas to speak with them in order to help them with plans of battle these Gods lived on the earth with the Mortals whom worshiped them, they where known by face being as they where depicted, often with the bodies of men or women and the head of an animal. These where the forms they where given and there rolls where not so different from each of the other Gods from other places however when the fall was upon them these Gods knowing the fate that was coming made a choice Ra, Asar, Nebt-het, Isis, Anubis, Horus, willing fell and became what is called Vampire though they where Demon they lost the knowledge of the Gods and became Immortal shells. Not all the Gods agreed and Aset fought Asar on the terms that what they where doing was not right but Asar plead with her to do such and she gave in Aset was later killed though exactly by who I do not know, The others spread across the world and made new creatures half breed demons created from the mortal humans cursing them with both the curse of the Old Ones to exist forever in soul and granting them Immortal bodies. Slowly they spread, and slowly like the humans they where they formed governments called Councils and created laws. They Spread further and further and the few Old Ones the few ancient vampire Asar, Nebt-het, and Ra who survived lived among the world and still do to this day. The rest are suffering existences in mortal coils. Such this is the connection between Vampire and The Old Ones the Fallen Gods."

That's right all you little kiddies, don't worry about your inferiority complex or your constantly being picked on at school because you're really a vampire and they're really gods. Yippiee-Ka-Yay!
And then there's this little number-

History of the world – Chapter III: Dragons beyond the myths and Legends lurks the truth.
"The following starts at the dawn of time to the end of the dark ages around 1200 A.D.

Dragons the name its self has rose up in ledges for as long as written and spoken word. But much of them has been written to make them out to be beast or treasure hording monsters who kill anyone that comes near them. The truth is that the dragons are as the Old Ones beings that have existed for nearly as long as the earth living embodiments of magic and energy, knowledge beyond there years. Together with the Ascended beings they created the great sparkling city known as Atlantis, created with magic and energy made from stardust held high in the sky away from the prying eyes of man. The Old Ones whom as males appeared like tall men with pure white hair and varying eye colors and some such as myself who had eyes of blue to green to violet all in one. Skin like white marble. Each of them along with the dragons help create the great city that was as heaven above the earth with a view of the starts day or night. The Dragons dwelt there for many years all kinds where bound Dragons of the sea, Dragons of the air Dragons of the ground, red, blue, black, green, yellow, and more Dragons of every color each with there own reason for being there own purpose in the world often venturing from the safety of the city to explore the earth. With time the Old Ones started venturing to the sides of man and became known as there Gods. Each dragon though of different sizes shapes and color had there own views of the world and there own places they would call a home away from home. some where considered monsters, but each dragon was unique in there views some liked mankind others would rather kill them. But to each there own.

-- The Fall of Atlantis --

With the fall of the Old Ones to Demons the Dragons where forced to leave the city as it fell to the sea it later came to be known to the humans as Avalon. With the dragons numbers slowly decline some of the other races such as the Dryads (no they where not human like creatures made of wood. They appeared as elves more then anything else) as well as others help to raise Dragons as most Dragons rely on others to help tend to there eggs these people are known as Hatchers. Though it is true a Dragons could take care of an egg on its own leaving it to softer flesh creatures was preferable as it insured not only the safety but increased the chance of a successful hatching. As time wore on the years past the Dragons numbers continued to decline as man's reach across the world grew larger the places a dragon could hide grew fewer. Near the end there was only a few hundred Dragons remaining in a few scattered colones across the lesser known places in the world they called everyone together and used what magic they could to create a gateway to another plan of existence where they could forever hide as long as needed. The Dragons then left the world of man and with them descended into the myths of the world... "

Now I've never personally played Mage the Awakening but, having showed this to a few who have, the general response of this wall of text was that of a poorly constructed rip-off of the gameing plot (as well as again being a mix and match rip-off meant to glorify Abaddon and anyone deluded or misguided enough to follow him).

I have alot to say about Abbadon and the site as a whole but this part pretty much speaks for itself. If anyone wants to make a report on this then feel free but for now, Abbadon, you have been named and shamed.