-AFSWATTF Special Report-

This is a report in response to the administration of OtherKin Forum committing a rather large oopsies right in front of me:

You insulted my team. Not just my team, my -friends.-

You do NOT get to do that and get away with it. Get it, got it? Good!

Listen up good chuckleheads, you are all one type of 'Kin, that a special type of vampire/irony-kin. Why? For the latter, you preach acceptance, then shut out any dissent, and for the former, you can't seem to see your own reflections in the mirror to see how rock-dumb you really are being.

I cannot believe how immature these admins are. It's like Sage Nadia of the furry fandom back in about.....2005 I think. It's on Crush Yiff Destroy, so check it out if you wanna (great site BTW.) Basically, she modded a furry image site with very very very very NSFW material on it. And yes, this is only going to go downhill from here. If you didn't agree with her, either your posts were deleted, or you were banned outright. Just for disagreeing with her. Anything else was replied to in an egotastical way. And her defenses were as follows:

Modding a site is hard.
Being an artist is harder than being an ER doctor, so I'm just defending them.

I'm not making this up. I couldn't make this up, and I have a very creative imagination. As in, "Wow, I guess I can make that shit up!" Not this shit. Oh no.

Lady D seems to be Nadia's clone. Anything dissenting and it's a smarmy "Fuck you" and out the door you go. God in Heaven, I cannot begin to comprehend the arrogance she throws around. She thinks to know exactly what every type of 'Kin is like, and God help you if you say, "Well, I'm 'X' and we don't -all- do 'Y'..." Then you aren't X because Y is the only way you can be X. And then you're just a mean-spirited little human and you're banned, deleted. Life's so crazy and it ain't no lie, baby Bye Bye Bye. Emphasis on the last three words.

Look, I will use myself as an example because I kinda feel bad because you guys went in my stead. God only knows what she'd have said had she found out about the AFSWATTF. Funny things, I assume.

I am a phoenix. I think. We'll say for the sake of example that I'm a phoenix, end of story. (Which it never, ever is! I swear to Christ I won't be like these people even if I have to qualify every friggin' sentence of this article.)

Phoenixes are supposed to be all tied in with fire, divinity, and healing. I embody number three on a techicality only, as I doubt phoenixes were all first-aid trained, blood donors, and had goals for medical school. Guess I ain't a phoenix then! Oh darn, better luck next time! Guess I'll pick door number two next round, then! And I'll stop this metaphor before I make you all completely hate me for it.

How about something even more obvious then? I'm a Canadian. I can prove that, as I have a driver's license, SIN card, library card, birth certificate, passport, and much more things that say that I do indeed have a Canadian citizenship. But I hate hockey, don't hate America, I can't flipping stand the winter and I LOATHE camping. But I'm still a Canadian!

See what I'm getting at? Just because you don't do something stereotypical of your 'Kin-type, doesn't mean you aren't that type.

Being the admin of a site doesn't give you the right to treat people like garbage just because they had the guts to say, "I disagree."

And since I'm probably only banging my head against the wall, I'm signing off. Jesus........


Think they'll ever learn?