You know something guys? I think we're actually making a difference. I don't know if this is a sincere attempt to make their forum suck less, or if they're just trying to shut us up and then go back to the previous levels of suck after we've lost interest.

That dragon mod guy actually posted sources for his ripped off posts, and made a topic saying to not take it as the gospel truth. However, he didn't say that it was all made up, which is was....

Oh well, two steps forward, one step back, I suppose.

But then there's this big ol' "Announcement!!!!!" made which I shall quote using the CO of Logistics secret weapon. Namely, Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V.

As you all know, in the past days we've been banning a lot of people and deleting their posts. As bad as it looks from your point of view, its not. These people came here and keep coming with the idea of trying to destroy what we are trying to create. Some of them came here to negate the existance of Otherkins, others came jealous cause we are new forums, and we got big attention at the Otherkins that are roaming the internet trying to find a nice place where they can talk, share experiences, discuss on different topics, and these jealous people want to ruin that. Others came to "study" the Otherkins, like lab rats. Some of them lost their members at our forums, so they are doing nasty things to discredit us and give us bad reputation, even threatening the staff members.

What we are trying to do here is not to make you feel insecure, frightened of the idea that you are not allowed to make open discussions, threatening with ban. On the contrary, we are trying to build this community for all of you out there, make it a safe place, a place you can call home, a place with friendly people with whom you can discuss different topics.

We are sorry if we caused you to feel insecure or confused, but i will say it again, it is not what we want.

Thank you for reading this post.

Best Regards, Y Ddraig Goch.

Okay, I guess one step forward and two steps back is the better saying here. If they really do lighten up and stop listening to both RP stuff, and one lady's say-so on what's what and who's who and the 411 on the....something or other, then I would actually remove them from the AFSWATTF's radar.

And no, we don't really have radar....It's just a circle drawn on the back of a Post-It Note with the word Radar written on it in crayon.

I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY OKAY?! The AFSWATTF, the only military unit in existance to take out it's targets with deadly amounts of awesome, and yet not have a single cent to its name. Damn, I am SUCH a bloody genius!

Also, Lopting posted while I was typing this up, and may I say: Well done, soldier! I hereby grant you the Foamy Medal of Spleen Venting. Note: This may or may not be a real military medal. I'll have to check on that. Mate, you honestly put some of my earlier work to shame, and you said pretty much what I wanted to, right to their faces. Kinda wish you'd said that they're being named and shamed by a fake military unit, as that would have been hilarious to watch the reactions to, but eh, your post, your rules. And I refuse to knock you on the basis of your post being so awesome.

Plus....your avatar is still bitchin'.
Logictics Loading......
Avatar Reference Gained......

Analysis Conclusion-Bitchin'

Y'know......I'm now extremely tempted to go and post there......Any thoughts? Not to troll mind you, just to kinda back up my team. Besides, since when was the Captain not allowed to ride into battle with his troops?

EDIT: Well fuck me sideways, I just wrote that entire post for nothing. I'm reading the site right now, and I just read two things by Lady D, in the same topic no less, that made me, and I'm not kidding, do a facepalm and mutter various sentences with the F-bomb in them.

Look at this, LOOK AT IT!

We are able to read minds and when we meet an otherkin they talk to us through telepathy...-snip-...When you find your totem is when you find your first path to being an otherkin.


My concern is for my otherkin members so they do not have to be subjected to people questioning their existance. Real otherkins know the truth and this is all that matters. No more to be said.

I think my brain is trying to stab itself with my cervical vertebrae in order to escape this crap. I think this would be just another decent otherkin forum if not for Lady D. I really think she's problem number one. Some of the other members are fluffsters too, but she really takes the cake. She seems like a female version of Kaijima. NO! I must not speak of such things, lest the universe decide to be an asshole and make them come true, just to have a laugh at my sad existance.