I know why he thought you were a guy Lt. . Because you didn't fill your post with little things such as "lol" or "XD" and other little cutesy nonsense. That's what like 90% of all the girls I've seen on that Twilight forum put in there posts.

Now, I'm gonna rip this apart, because goshdangit, that's just how I roll. I'm not playing Silent Hill 2 to do this for you guys, 'cause that's how much I love you all and hate myself. I am listening to the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack though. It's the musical equilivalent of premium drugs. Totally amazing, and you just can't stop.

And yeah, I'll head the forum and what-not over on our site. Just one question: How? I assume I can't do it on this site, and have to use a different one. Something like proboards.com I assume? Just point the way, and I can do the rest. I know my way around this stuff, but I just need a point in the right direction, and I can take it from there.

So, Lt.DLF, on behalf on the entire AFSWATTF, (all five of us) I hereby bestow this medal that I totally did not just make up right now. It's called the Medal of Logical Logic. Just because you kept your head so well with that Abaddon guy, and have probably the sanest head on your shoulders.

Let's face it, I may be the captain of these shenanigans, but if I read one more thing by Kaijma, I'll probably go on a killing spree.

I'm crazy man!

Wait a minute. Crazy protagonist, rocking music (Blink-182. Yeah!), dark past, horrible demons, cults....

....Oh shit, I really AM in Silent Hill! Get me a clip-on flashlight, broken radio and a lead pipe post-haste! It's only a matter of time before Pyramid Head shows up to do nasty things to my delicate organs! AHHHHHH! Ohmigod I'm gonna DIE!

Well, now that that's outta my system, let's talk trash.
(BTW: I ordered four Silent Hill games this month okay? Don't judge me...)

Y'know, I can understand misanthropy. Hell, I hate anybody who can't function without their significant other being at their side 24/7 just so they know that they love them. It's pathetic. I have friends in Toronto that I care for deeply, and see them like four times a YEAR! And I'm asexual! I am biologically incapable of feeling sexual attraction at all! I should be in a crippling depression, but I'm not. It's because I realized that it's not people that suck, it's society at large that kinda blows ass.

See, this is why I think these guys hate the human race so vehemently. They look at society, see its flaws, assume everyone in it has those flaws as well, and then goes off to bitch about on their LiveJournal. Consistently whining about how there's no magic anymore, or they aren't their "uber-speshal troo selves" or whatever the flavour of the month is this time.

For one, it's weak-willed. For two, it's fucking pathetic. On some days, I don't give a crap about not having wings. On others, I stare at the sky and wish with all my heart I did. And you know what? I deal with it! Just accept it and move on with your life. Dwelling on what you may or may not have once had isn't going to make you P-shift, nor is it going to better your lifestyle in any way, shape and/or form.

Oh, and then there's the militant ones. They don't whine like those I just bashed, they advocate complete destruction. They wish to end the supposed tyranny of the human race just because they don't believe in 'Kin. Suck. It. Up. You moronic wimps. There is no tyranny, there is no war, and I'm fairly certain they're not all laughing at you. Except for me. Tee-hee!

You're plans for war make you no better than the supposed human menace. It is horridly hypocritical, you can't see that, and you really need a long, hard look in the mirror before you pass judgement. Until then, just shut up.

See, this is why I founded the AFSWATTF. I wanna take down fluffsters in general and haters in particular down a few notches. It's also because I've always wanted to put a military term in my name, but didn't wanna join the army and go through all that nonsense of boot camp. I like to think that myself and my team have learned that life really isn't all that bad. The people around you don't know about you, and that's perfectly alright. At times, I sometimes wish I didn't know about myself. I'm happier knowing my family and friends based on who they are, and not what they know about me or how they would react or because of their species. I'm human. I'm one of them. I may have a phoenix thingy inside calling some of the shots, but really, I'm just like anybody else.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh yeah! And just because I have to put in just a bit more rage to truly make this a Captain-worthy report......Hey, Abaddon! Take your recruiting bullshit and shove it where the sun don't shine! You aren't nearly as important as you'd like to think, so just shut up, sit down, and quit claiming to be a vampire god or whatever.

Okay, I'm done. G'night, and sleep tight.