On Tobias-
Fri Aug 15, 2008 12:58 am
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He's a poser. He's gotta be. I will weep for humanity if he is not lying through his teeth. I'm not trying to be funny right now. I'm praying that this is fake.


The night we launched our retaliatory strike for Father’s death, after the hostage(s) had been spotted, I tried to use a fire escape to rescue them. I couldn’t, and both Werewolf Joesph (our Acting Alpha) and myself realized there was NOTHING we could do. Joe ordered a full pullout, but Paul decided to do his own thing, and went charging in. He died because he refused to obey an order

Are you fucking joking me?! Someone bought your bullshit and DIED for it?! What in heaven's name were you doing?! This reads like a debreifing after a freakin' military operation! Is that what this is? Some sorta werewolf army dedicated to killing "teh ebil vampz!1!!"

Know what? Fuck you. I'm not being sarcastic, funny, nor witty. I honestly cannot believe this bullshit. Don't even get me started on his views on Dragons. Just....*disgusted sigh*

I have to go set something on fire now.


Basically, he says all TROO WEREZ must honour dragons.

Here's the why:

I mention Dragons because Werewolf legend speaks so highly of them, yet they have no particular grudge with vampires (though no PARTICULAR love for them either).

In the mid-1400's, a French Werewolf's Pack was shattered, and he was forced to flee his homeland. He fled to Scotland, where an old friend (and occasional enemy on the battlefield) took him in. While Werewolf was there, he revealed his secret to his host. His host then has the one with the surprise, for the host revealed that he was a Dragon.

For helping Werewolf in his time of need, Werewolf swore to Honour Dragons for all time. Werewolf also took as his own Dragons kilt. Many Werewolves now wear kilts , though it's not required (Pack Black Sords did on special occasions).

And here's the how:


All Werewolves, TRUE Werewolves, respect Dragons. It isn’t that they have any authority over us; Not even any right to such a claim. But you will respect them. I don’t even have to order you to. You just WILL.

When addressing a Dragon, say ‘my Lord’ or ‘my Lady’ before anything else. When addressing them in person, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY TOLD OTHERWISE, bow to one knee, loosely close your fist, put your knuckles on the ground in plain sight, and bow your head.

Always speak to a Dragon in RESPECTFUL tones. Do not be cross or argumentative. Do not contradict them- If a Dragon states something you know to be wrong, state what you BELIEVE to be correct. MOST Dragons will accept if they made an honest mistake, and those few who don’t, they are not to be trusted. (I should point out this has never been a problem for me. No REAL Dragon I have ever met has been untrustworthy.)

Some Dragons I have met have claimed they have Werewolf in them. I will not dispute this claim, however, they are not Werewolves in and of themselves. A Dragon MAY be a member of your Pack, and then usually as a Pack Officer, but MOST tend to be fairly solitary.

Remember- Treat them with respect, even if they are NOT members of your Pack.

Homework: Practice how you will speak to a Dragon. Set some exampling speeches. Every time you say something in a way that MAY be less than proper, do 10 pushups. Also, practice the PROPER way to bow.

Why am I pissed about this? Well, they're giving useless respect to dragons that did nothing. If they wanna worship the dragon that alledgedly helped like 600 years ago, fine, go nuts. But why extend that to all dragons, everywhere?

And then there's the homework. "If you cock it up, do push-ups." This is borderline religious worship. They're putting all dragonkin on a pedestal and forcing people to kneel to that, and I really don't want any part in it.

I have to admit, I'm half-tempted to e-mail this guy somewhat to the tune of this:

Dear Tobias,

I am writing to you today representing the Dragon community of the popular Otherkin site, "www.otherkin.com." We've come across your site and its views on us and our kin. We have one thing to say:

You are a moron.

And personally, I hope you trip and fall on some railroad spikes because of the crap you posted that people are going to take literally and either hurt themselves or others. And thus, I re-iterate:

You are a moron.

I won't even dignify that shit about honouring us dragons, because quite frankly, I don't give a toss what some anonymous dragon may or may not have done 600 years ago. And after reading this, the rest of the dragon community simultaniously smacked themselves in the foreward, and said this:

You are a moron.

Good day to you, sir.

-A Dragon Who's Brain Is Not Inside His Anus, Unlike Yourself.

I'm a bastard, and I'm bored because my spray paint isn't dry yet.

Man...it's rather terrifying that all this fluff is concentrated in one place, AND is written by one person.

Should we give him an award for that or something?