Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:21 am
I feel that some more quotes are necessary to fully dissect the topic we know as "Human Hating." Well, you may call it that. I call it "Completely Retarded" but meh.

These three are real quotes that Bax found and profiled in his anti-hate essay. He didn't say it, but some other nitwits did. Please hold onto your socks, as I fear they may be blown off your feet.

"They want to kill dragons (and are therefore racists)."

My It's Happy Bunny poster has a question: Does it hurt being this stupid? Since when has a person said, out loud, in all seriousness, "I hate those damn dragons. They contribute nothing to society, and we should round them all up and shoot them." It's like those so-called "Dragonkin Hunters", I really doubt they exist.

"Humans are destroying the planet."

Blah blah blah, nothing we haven't heard before.

"They kill others with guns (instead of claws)."

To use my one self-imposed allowance of the F-bomb (with the exception of my final point, which is next): What the fuck?! You hate the entire human race, because people use guns?! How do you function? If anything, that just says humans are more intellectually advanced then dragons? Why? Because we had the brain capacity to put together the metal, create gunpowder, then realize that putting a bullet in a tube and striking the end causes it to kill whatever you're pointing at. That takes MUCH more brain power then these dragons just saying, "Roar, I cut you!"

Give me a break. Besides, statistics prove that you instantly become 30% cooler when holding a .45 automatic. Magnum Revolver, 35% SPAS-12, 40%. Carbine, 50%. RPG/Missle Launcher 66.7% Detonator for several hundred kilos of well-placed C-4, 90%.

A chainsaw in one hand and a sawen off 12-gauge in the other? Groovy!

(Note: There is a 99.9999999999% chance I pulled this outta my ass. Except for the last one, and props to who knows what movie I'm talking about.)

It's just...they always say it's not honourable to kill someone with a gun. Screw that! If I ever had to kill someone, I'd rather use a pistol, as it's much quicker, cleaner, and has much better odds. If I had to use my bare hands, I'd lose because I'm a freakin' twig. I'm almost 6 feet tall, and I weigh less than 125 pounds! You can see half my ribs for God's sake!

And now, my final point. I am going ALL OUT here. And for good reason.

Dear Otherkin who have expressed desire to kill people for the above "legitimate grivances."

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU DIPSHITS?! HUH?! I defy you assholes to give me one fucking reason WHY this is a good idea! Killing?! Seriously?!

You jerks go about preaching love and acceptance, and then get all hurt when people call you out on this bullshit! You are EVERYTHING that is wrong not only with the community, but with humanity as a complete whole.

You know what we call people who kill people because of their beliefs? Psychopaths. I went there. You scumbags who have expressed their wishes to when they get returned to what-fucking-ever they are to actually go out a-murderin' NEED! HELP! Honest, medical help. Wishing to kill over something this fucking trivial is NOT RIGHT! You need HELP!

I hate you.


PS: How about them Leafs eh? More like "Toronto Make-Me-Laughs" AMIRITE?!

I'm not even in the same universe as kidding right now. I am dead serious. People have honestly wished to kill over this. I can't remember where I read it, but people have said this. I am restraining what I honestly think about this, but suffice it to say, I'm very disgusted by this. That's why I "debated" with Tobias last year.

I've always thought that saving someone else's life was the most important thing anybody could do with their own life. Mindless killing, as it's practically the antithesis to what I just said, is an extremely hot button issue with me. My stomach actually hurts just thinking about this, as this is how sickened I am.

Look human-haters, life is precious. You should know this because you keep preaching it. If you want 'Kin to be taken as seriously as you apparently want it to be, this shit needs to cease, like now. Quit your whining, be the best person you can be, stop tearing down everyone else just because they don't measure up to your standards, and I can promise, people just might listen.