Baxil, Kaijma, and the quest to prevent a brain aneurism.

It should go without saying these guys are in my Fave Five. Hell, I actually hate Kai just because of his superior manner, which I shall bitch

He essentially thinks Dragons > Everybody Else, and it really torks me. Remember during the Kai Chroncles how he touted this "Ally" thingy that his entire species had? Remember how I called BS? Guess what he says to all his detractors about this: "It's not a theory, it's a fact." Just on his say so. I find it hard to accept from a fat-ass who I could probably logic circles around. He works as a janitor for Christ's sake, and draws/drew furry, inflatable porn.

Speaking from a purely objective standpoint: EW EW EW!!! NO! BAD! Give me a fucking break. Not a single person on this planet has nearly as fantastical a story as Kai's origin, and how they were essentially perfect, harmonious beings who merged science and magic just all great and nice and shit. Oh, and they crushed any opposition effortlessly. And could go between dimensions. And colonized Earth. This Earth. The one we live on.

Dear Kai,

I hate you. So very much.



Dear Bax,

Your turn, bitch.

-Me. Again.

Believe it or not, I don't have that much to say on him. Actually, he has spoken out against Dragon hate. In a rather impotent way, yes, but he still spoke out. He has earned a very tiny, grudging bit of my respect.

HOWEVER! (You knew this was coming.)

Why he didn't stop the quest against the girl (who is a fellow Inhuman reader and fan artist. She's just that awesome) is really beyond me. That went far beyond just internet bitching. They were actually posting her real name and address, and threatening to visit her to commit assault.

Bax HAD to have known about this. His retarded followers would've informed him about this in a heartbeat, I'm dead certain of that. Why he didn't stop them, I can't fathom. That was borderline illegal. Hell, they were making threats, slandering as well. That IS illegal. Maybe he honestly didn't see this going on, I don't know.

But IF HE DID (not unlike OJ Simpson. *zing*) he is a very bad person for allowing this to happen. Someone was being threatened, for real, and over the most trivial of things. It was a very bad thing to do. It was fuckin' HILARIOUS how harshly they overreacted, and I still laugh whenever I think about it. But it's still a very wrong thing.

So, about Bax:

1.) If he didn't know, then no harm, no foul, I won't ding you for ignorance.
2.) If he knew, and tried to stop it, good but seeing as how devoted the morons were to him, I'm surprised he was so impotent.
3.) If he knew, and didn't try to stop it. I hate him. I really do. His own bullshit honour system was cast aside just so some assholes could exact revenge for the worst reason. Fuck him.

He still a stuck-up prick though. He calls himself an ambassador for human-dragon relations, wrote this entire story thingy about how dragons appeared on earth, and oh noes, the humans reacted badly. How? By prosecuting three dragons who were at New Years, buzzed Times Square, freaked out the populace, and over 100 people were killed in the resulting rush to GTFO. Personally, I'd have hunted down the sons of bitches and shot them myself. If dragons are SO intelligent and morally superior, then why oh dear Dagon WHY couldn't they see that this was a shit-stupid idea?

And then some Gary Stu guy comes in to save every dragon and otherwise from the evil human government and I stopped giving a shit right about there. (FYI: Gary Stu = Over-powered author insertion character. Not the characters actual name. Character's name was Redfield. ....Shit, last name of two of my fave Resident Evil characters. DAMMIT BAXIL!)

And honestly, in the "Hate = Bad" essay, I really could've done without this:

If the non-dragons in the audience will excuse my indulgence in a little species vanity, I believe we are capable of more than other races; we can be teachers, leaders, guides, or stewards to levels of enlightenment that shorter-lived beings would otherwise struggle blindly for.

My God but you grind me. THAT is the precise reason I can't stand him. Why can't I reach that level of enlightenmight, oh current target of my seething rage? Just because I'm me? Listen, and listen VERY closely:

WHO you are, does NOT mean jack-shit. WHAT you do, means EVERYTHING. If a human cured cancer, and a dragon scoffed that "A dragon could have done that much better," guess who's teeth will be making contact with my hammer at high velocity? If Jack the Ripper had instead of killing the fuck outta people, became a doctor, we'd be singing his praises instead of cursing his ass.

Look, I get that he's trying to inspire these fuckers to stop with that hate, but it's the "struggle blindly for" that is honestly making my abdomen ache with anger. It's just a grown-up, PC way of saying, "We have something you don't have. Just because I'm me, does NOT mean I can't do anything you little shits can. You wear the label of "Dragon" as though it were a crown. It's not. Hope you trip and break your face.

In conclusion, Kai a moron, Bax a stuck-up prick, I'm hungry.


I cannot believe he can go about his day-to-day life thinking this is the God's honest truth. He's saying people that apparently have done nothing with their lives (and looking at Kai, I know I'm right on at least one person), can aspire to things that even people like Martin Luther King couldn't, just because he wasn't a dragon. I think.

If the idiots are right, and 2012 is going to be what they hope it is, I'm going to freak. If these people actually turn into actual dragons, fine. If they rub everyone elses face in it, I will rub their faces in broken glass.

Update later, Rock Band now.