Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:53 am

........This is it. I have never seen a more perfect example of everything that is so so so so so VERY wrong with the otherkin community. I know it's not exactly the most sane community, but everyone on the planet is kinda weird. We're just weird in a different way.

This guy is one very very very VERY small step above Otakukin in my book in terms of the "Jesus Zombie Christ, what the hell" attitude I take towards fluffy stuff. You'd think I'd be numb to this by now, the amount I find during my internet trawls. But no. The internet connects me to people that do shit I didn't even know existed.

Before the internet, I had no idea beastality existed. I learned what it meant, somehow, and kinda went "Ew." Then on Crush Yiff Destroy read an article in which a guy talked about some other dude's essay entitled "Loving Your Beast." I am not going to get into it, no way, no how. At the end of said essay, the guy talking about it said this:

Maybe you think the whole is funny right now, or maybe you're feeling a strangely relaxed indifference, but trust me, after the contents of that essay have had a chance to settle and ferment within your mind for a few days, you will begin to feel hatred in your soul, and it will eventually consume you.

He was dead on. Without getting too far off topic, suffice it to say, I got outta alot of stupid shit I was doing at the time.

We come to our subject today: Baxil ([bakh-HEEL] He is very clear about this. It's only his name and already he's being an arrogant twat.) This man is nuts. I do not mean metaphorically. I honestly believe this individual has a mental illness.

Take for example his awakening story. Bunches of emo BS, talking about how he knew he was different, just because he did the right thing. WOWEE ZOWEE! He did the right thing?! Well count me in as one of his demented followers!!!!! (More on that later)

Then I read that he enjoyed D&D, and he'd DMed a fair bit, and invented this dragon god for his character/NPCs to worship. Oh yeah, and later on, he started worshipping this dragon god too.

The brain is a most wonderful organ. It has these little filters that stop you from processing bits of information deemed too "DOES NOT COMPUTE". So allow me to repeat myself:

This guy worships a dragon god he invented for a role-playing game!

If you either A.) Laughed B.) Cried C.) Slammed your face into your keyboard relentlessly or D.) Any combination of the three, you're not alone in that.

So after three years of worshipping this dragon god, he's talking to a friend when he has a bit of a panic attack. No sweat, happens to the best of us. Then, he hears this dragon god buddy of his tell him everything's gonna be just A-OK. YIPPY SKIPPY YAY!

He hears the voice of his god. Fantastic. I believe it was the good Dr. House that said:

Dr. House wrote:
If you talk to God, you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic.

No arguments here! Bax doesn't even say, "Well, I considered the possibility my extremely mucked up mental state may have contributed..." Nope. Jumped almost directly to: My god guy talked to me. Hoo boy...He even basically says, "I was destined to be a dragon." Even better, he very nearly misused the word "dichotomy." Basically, the word means the division between black and white. He uses it between white, and off-white basically. And to top it all off, the word is typically used in science, something Bax seems to hate with a passion.

Moving along in this train-wreck, we see he had a kid. A dragon spirit kid. On the spirit plane. Hoshite. Oh, and then his spirit kid got killed by this shadow dragon spirit he knew. And Bax's other spirit friend, and I quote, ripped the shadow dragon off him and splattered her across the front lawn. And to kick your brain in the groin, he's more sorry he lost this shadow dragon spirit then he accidently ran over a stray cat.

I want to kick this guy right square in the teeth. I am not even close to joking. He feels more sorrow at losing his imaginary friend that killed his imaginary kid then a real flesh and blood cat. And other people agree with him. HOORAY HUZZAH AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!

To sum up this stupidly massive post: In most of his writings, he's quite the arrogant prick. He claims to be an excellent artist, just cause he's been alive longer then most people on the 'Net. I'm a way better artist then this guy, and I'm probably less than half his age. Yep, he's over 30. Makes you wanna cry, don't it. He comes across just so fucking FULL of himself that I can only shake my head. When he blasts himself in the way people do to make themselves not seem pricks if there's a chance someone will think they are indeed pricks, good ol' Bax still sounds like a stuck-up douchebag. Even in a picture of him, he has the most smarmy, smug, I'm-better-and-I-know-it look that even if I didn't know about the rest of this bullshit, I'd still want to clap him on the temples the second I saw him.

Oh, and he looks like the failed clone of Luigi from Super Mario Bros. IT'SA ME, LUI- WHATA THE FUCK IS-A THAT?! YOU DID-A WHAT WITH MY-A DNA?!

And now, links:

His site: http://www.tomorrowlands.org/index.html
His LJ: http://baxil.livejournal.com/
People poking fun on Portal of Evil: http://friends.portalofevil.com/sfs.php?si=3&fi=000019096 (Read the post by Jazaaboo. It has a picture that made me go "EL OH-FUCKING-EL")
People on PoE poking fun at Bax's friends, that are EVEN MORE NUTS!!!!!!! (Not fucking kidding) http://friends.portalofevil.com/sfs.php?si=3&fi=000020927



Suffice it to say, I'm not too fond of this guy. I used to idolize him before I got my head screwed on straight. I've not even touched on how he says magic fireballs are real. Yeah, he claims if you're a mage, you can do the "Hadoken." Nor have I talked about his views on science, his religion (and how it's too important to him for him to be religious. WTF?!), and I could go on for AGES about this spirit son crap.

To honestly wrap this up, the man is nuts. Stay away. I almost hope one of his little fans are reading this and let him know. The reaction would be priceless. I'm NOT going to let him know myself though, just cause I honestly don't care.

Oh yeah, and I had a ton of fun writing this. I really should've entered NaNoWriMo.