AFSWATTF Report Number: 39534
Author: private kahoku
Target: / lady dunsany
Fluff Level: don't know, can't see the top from here.

this is only my own history with otherkinforums, and it's still pretty long... you might know one part or the other, but i hope you'll still enjoy reading this summary.
please disregard typos, my laptop keyboard is really crappy.

when i first heard about the place called otherkinforums, i wondered why people couldn't give their places a creative name. okp, oka, - they are otherkin forums too, after all.

but i soon forgot about this formalty. i also noticed her using my article in her intro on demons, but twisting it into an "all demonkin are energy-sucking, anti-social bastards" type of rant, which is clearly not what i had written.

after a while of consideration, i did join that forum, but not to troll it. in fact, i wanted to be a good demon (even though i was later told that i was no pure demon but had something else in me because i didn't fit the lady's "anti-social bastard" description). and really, the only time i ever consciously overstepped a "boundary" (or rather, tested it out) was when i asked lady d for a photo or video of her shooting colorful sparks from her fingers, which she claimed to be able to. others joined me in that request, which caused her to swear at us all, claiming we were no real otherkin and wasting her time.

so i posted into another thread (as the first was locked), asking why i was being accused of not being otherkin - using my article means they agree with me, which means i can't be a poser, right? and suddenly they all hurried to assure me they had never questioned my otherkin-ness.

Quote: lady d:
you were not called a role player that was not directed at you at all kahoku.

that was not direct towards you as is stated you got caught in the cross fire from those that took to attacking Lady D

There are people who have this happen to them because of the energy work that they do that is associated with the rituals that are performing on a daily basis as they build up the energy during the rituals the energy needs to be discharged and it comes out through the fingers this same thing happens in animals that are sensitive to the atmospheric pressures and also discharge the electrical energy that is built up

it is a phenomena that some people and animals attain or acquire in there life time 

and still i kept having that feeling that i was unwanted on okf. very unwanted. but for some reason i wasn't banned. yet.

after simim was banned (for not agreeing about their views of satanism), she posted a rant on livejournal which i commented on. only hours later, i was (more or less) politel asked to leave okf:

Quote: I see you posted to Simin's blog. Did Simin tell you that she came back in under seven names spamming the site. Perhaps you would be better off at another forum. My mods have been at the blog too.

my response:

Quote: 1. no, i didn't know she came back.
2. i don't think what i said in that comment was very bad. (i don't even think that what simim wrote was very bad - it was her point of view, and all she said was that she disagreed with you. which is fine, even according to your site rules.)
3. i am not simim.

so... you're asking me to leave because... what? because i commented on a lj post that you didn't like? because i'm friends with simim? because i said something somewhere not on your forum?

i haven't done anything that goes against the rules of otherkinforums. i have been polite, contributed to discussions, explained some things... so overall, i think i'm not a bad member of this forum.

if you really want me to leave, that's okay, i won't argue with you. i just don't understand. 

lady d:

Quote: She came back under seven different names put up porn and spammed the site. It says right in her blog that she trolls and flames. I read that you think it is funny and made a joke., 15 Simin and 5 OK Do you realize the money that is utilized to keep this forum going? My mods had to sit here and lose sleep because of your friend. If you like her methods then yes perhaps you better find another forum, if you truly want to be here then you are welcome.

so i was explicitl invited to stay! my response:

Quote: okay, i read her post again... i couldn't find anything about trolling, flaming, or spamming. i don't support such actions, i have been up 50 hours straight a while back, when a forum i modded was being attacked by 4chan. so i know very well how that feels. if she still did it, which i doubt, she did it without me knowing or agreeing. however, she is a grown up person and free to do whatever she likes, but it's her who has to deal with the consequences.

as for my comment: it was a joke, referring to the fact that demons find a lot of things "amusing", even having a human body. the rest was referring to the fact that a lot of people we know have been banned, thus the "game over" remark. the numbers after that were random numbers.

look, i don't want to argue with you. if you think i've done something terrible, just tell me to leave. but please don't make me responsible for other people's deeds. ever since i came here, no matter how well i behaved, i had a feeling that you didn't want me here. you blamed me for coming from "terro's forum" and insulted me when i was trying to help you with your forum. i'm tired of this. 


Quote: I don't need your help, and I am frankly I am tired of this also. Go read her profile she says she trolls and flames. This conversation is over.

teh fearz.

hey, i even tried to keep up peace in that place! look at this gem (copied from the okp thread):

Quote: giffling wrote something like "you people should calm down and not take everything as an offense". this post has been deleted, it seems.

lady d answered: Who is you people? Please let us keep this civil.

my response: uhm... i think this just proves giffling's point... and he (?) was being civil, just said he did not want anyone to argue.

lady d: I do not want to see this either. We have to stick together.


me: but that is the point. :shock: sticking together => not fighting => not trying to get offended over every word that is said. like every written medium, the internet is very susceptible to causing misunderstandings, since there is no emotion in our alphabet. you can read a post having a calm voice in mind, or an aggressive one, and it will change the meaning of the whole thing. and that is what (i think) giffling wanted to say - that we should assume others to be friendly until we have good reason to think otherwise.

lady d: I think if we were all sitting together discussing this whether at a table at some one's house or in the local pub it would be different. We can not see each others expressions so all we see is what is posted on a page. I say take a deep breath pretend we are together as friends and start again.

thank you, oh great mistress of the forums, for once more repeating what i said (that must be her newest hobby) and selling it as your own idea.

but i also made her contradict herself!

i said that she was confusing me. with her "everything is questionable and yet not" statement. here's the answer:

Quote: lady d: I am so sorry. I have a tendency to do that. I agree with you. Not all demon otherkin are bad, just as not all humans are bad. It is such a broad spectrum, to be honest there can be no category when it comes to any otherkin. I am finding this out every day. I guess we will just have to learn from each other and see what the day brings.

...says the person who banned an angelkin because she didn't fit the lady's description of an angelkin...

another self-contradiction, which, of course, i did not cause. *cough*

Quote: Quote:
Originally Posted by Lady Dunsany
What we consider a witch otherkin is one who has a lineage that is passed down from generation to generation, where the link is never broken.

Originally Posted by Lady Dunsany
I should also reiterate that even though a link could be broken let us say in your family, your grandmother had this but your mother does not or will not admit it, you can reforge the link and continue.


then i wrote her a pm, nicely and with seriously good intentions, in which i suggested that she should state in her rules that this is an extraordinarily sensitive forum when it comes to critique/questioning. it took me a long time to phrase it non-offensively.

Quote: dear lady dunsany,

as requested in your board rules, i'm bringing this to your attention through pm. please don't take it as an offense but as honest and constructive critique.

i noticed that this forum is very sensitive to any kind of criticsim and questioning, compared to other places i know. this is probably the reason why there was a bit of... drama lately. (for instance, in the poetry section, where one member wanted to help by pointing out a spelling mistake, which the author took as an offense.) while such a position is perfectly understandable and part of the "flavor" of this forum, perhaps you should include a little heads-up about this into your forum rules so that, in future, misunderstandings can be avoided.



Quote: I know you come from Terro's forum as is Simin, and I know the type of person he is. Here our members are very special and we protect them. I am a writer and I can tell you if anyone touched my stuff I would freak, it was bad enough with my publisher doing it. I closed that thread because the member asked me too. I have seen a lot of the otherkin forums and they are a free for all. Our Satanist are more polite and kinder than most I have seen coming here. In order to understand what we are about I think you should check out our sister site http://www.occultforums. net, there you will see chaos, ceremonial magickians black magick Satanists and witchcraft and our members respect and do not question any one's powers. We also have a magick school there. I am glad you pmed me this is a fairly new site and it is going to take awhile for it to settle down. Please let me know if you need help with anything.

she totally missed my point..

Quote: in fact, "terro's forum", okp, is my forum, we lead it together. yes, simim is one of our members. we, too, protect our members, but in a different way. our very first page states that we are all about the scientific approach and that discussions and critique are allowed as long as it happens in a civilized manner. the number of users we have, as well as the very small number of issues, makes us believe we are on the right way - for our own purposes.

i think you missed my point. i didn't criticize you for the way you wish your forum to work. it is important to have a wide variety of "flavors" so that every individual can find the right place for themselves. all i said was that, compared to many other places, this forum here is very much about feeling safe and unquestioned. i don't know your sister forum, so i, too, had to adapt to the environment here. it would have been easier for me, and for people like terro, who naturally question everything, even questioning itself if we had known this detail earlier.

as i said, it's stated on the very first page of okp that we favor the scientific approach, so that people who do not like that know that this might not be the place for them, or at least are prepared. perhaps a little statement like this, in the rules or on top of the forum page, might help new members to get a feeling for what is wanted or unwanted in here.

this is just a suggestion, a thing i have noticed. it is your choice if you wish to accept it or not.



Quote: I understand you do a scientific approach will not work here. Science has no place with otherkin. This is the problem. I do understand where you are coming from but you do not understand other kin are real it is not psychological it is a true fact. My members here as someone who just pmed me told they do not go to sites like yours as you truly do not understand the truth about otherkin, they came here because they knew I would not let them be a thesis, yes I read Terros and others. The only thing I can say to you, is you are welcome but if my members are going to be questioned put under a glass and basically used to right a useless thesis then this site is not for you. I think you honestly do not understand the true power that my members have, so perhaps you would be better off at Terro's site as I have gotten a few complaints about you wanting to see a video of me. When you come here leave your scientific mind behind and bring your spiritual atma to the site, otherwise it will do you no good.


Quote: please accept that, on okp, we do think that it is possible to talk about otherkin and magic in a scientific manner. just like i accepted that over here this is not wanted. i am very surprised to hear that there have been complaints against me just because i was asking for a video of the sparks - it was out of curiosity, not to question you. it's just i've never seen such a thing before.

believe me, i know that otherkin are real, i experience it everyday. but that is not what i was trying to say. all i wanted was to make a suggestion on how to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

thank you for taking the time to read my pm.


Quote: I belong to your site and I read quite a bit, the scientific research is good there but you have to leave it at the door when you come here. Now let us start again hello how are you, and take it from there. It is all I ask.

*applaud* thank you again for repeating what i was saying.

Quote: lady d: I though that was posted in the rules.
kahoku: not explicitly, especially not the "no questioning" part.
lady d: Well can not tell you. I think you should worry more about your site than mine, we are doing fine. Thanks anyway. Take care.

at some point i accidentally earned the title of "private" by editing one of lady d's posts into what she really meant. you can find it here: by-pte-kahoku-

...and i guess that's what got me banned on 3/10 (14 days after signing up) when they found the thread on at least it was something worthy, not the "you posted a comment, die!!!"

but it didn't end there! in fact, it started there. i took one of her quotes as my signature:

Quote: It is amazing to me how people will believe that Dinosaurs existed simply because of proof. --- Lady Dunsany

little later, i received a pm on otherkinforums. yes, that's right - i got a pm on a forum i was banned from. luckily, i had email notification activated. there was no way to reply though, since the notification came over a "do not reply" address, and there was no contact address given on okf.

Quote: One of your members sent this to me from your site otherkin phenomena.
It is amazing to me how people will believe that Dinosaurs existed simply because of proof.
--- Lady Dunsany

I realize I am a sensation but is this with keeping with what I want? I mean you did not ask if you could quote me, no?

which caused me to change my signature again. because i can.

Quote: It is amazing to me how people will believe that Dinosaurs existed simply because of proof. --- Lady Dunsany
I realize I am a sensation --- upon finding the above quote.


there is no law against quotig someone, unless you don't state where it comes from, or alter it in any way. which i clearly hadn't done. besides, google etc. constantly scans all pages, saves stuff, filters information... whatever she posts on her forum doesn't stay there.

i didn't even want to know who had told her about it, but then harlock pm'ed me on okp (yes, he threatened me on my own forum!):

Quote: Hello Kahoku I am a Moderator over at and it has come to our intention that a certain members of ours was quoted, and used at your home page, (all those quotes at the bottom) This member has made contact with me and asked that it would be removed. It was in our moderator board that she said it, and we got hacked and our Moderator board became public. We only ask that this quote be taken off. According to the rules of our site nothing can be taken from it without the originators permission. Everything under our site is under US copyrights. we hope that you will remove this without incident. Here is the quote.

It is amazing to me how people will believe that Dinosaurs existed simply because of proof.
--- Lady Dunsany

please delete the quote from your database and get back to me.


the quotes at the bottom? ihaven't edited them in at least 6 months. so i replied:

Quote: i like my signature very much, thank you.

of course, this came to the lady's INtention very soon. because she signed up on okp in order to send me (and, as i later found out, terro too) a very "nice" pm:

Quote: You might think it is funny to quote me and make fun of us and control copy and paste our post but you are so ridiculous if you think I am not going to take legal action. I have spoken to the authorities and my lawyer. You are a sad pathetic bunch of people here, as you will never understand magick or anything that has to do with it. So go play your little games as that is about all you know how to do. Copy and paste, you do not know the meaning of it.

at the same time, she signed up as "demon" and posted a very rude (troll) thread on okp, which was instantly removed. since she even fails at trolling, i only had to ban one ip address.

my answer (via email, because she was banned):

Quote: i'm looking forward to talking with your lawyer. remember i'm not a us resident, nor do you know my real name.

it's funny how you come to my forum only to cause trouble, signing up under many names and spamming stuff, and i will answer it the same way you did with me and my friends. you are no better than what you claim we are.

have a nice delusional life, milady. my spam filter will automatically delete whatever else comes from your direction. 

then added:

Quote: p.s.: you copied/pasted stuff from my forum too. i thought that was a crime? 

she also copied something from okp and pasted it to her own forum, plus this:

Quote: Terro the trolidite and misogynist from otherkin phenomena is not only using my quote as his signature but he is telling all members to stay away from This is not only defamation but he is using my quote with no permission from me. They have come here and stolen our posts cut and pasted and copied without our permission. He says I am from the Left Hand Path which show how totally ignorant, and limited he is in his ability to actually think. I have had it with this wanker and legal action will be taken. Oh by the way Shangrila is very loyal so it is goodbye for him. I have had it with these other sites coming in attacking my members in pms and on the boards. Jealousy is an ugly emotion and this shows how threatened Terro and his mods are. He knows nothing but hate and playing dirty, and believe me it will stop. He is also telling his members to post spam and ads and links, I have never in my life seen such idiots as the members at OK phenomena, they would be pathetic if they were not so laughable.

oh the hypocrisy. and obviously she can't tell the difference between terro and me.

by the way all members of okp were banned from otherkinforums. sounds like nazi methods: "you're from that subculture, you have to die!!!!!!"

and i changed my signature again:

Quote: It is amazing to me how people will believe that Dinosaurs existed simply because of proof. --- Lady Dunsany
I realize I am a sensation --- upon finding the above quote.
those that are here are other kin assholes --- under a fake account on okp. 

couldn't help checking my spam folder... and there was indeed a reply from the lady. and now please read this elaborate and mature answer of hers:

Quote: go fuck yourself.

by the way, i noticed how her spelling and grammar suffered from her rage. poor little lady. i even considered pitying her.