AFSWATTF Report Number: 42
Author: NOT Cpt. Nik CO/Medic

Report: I'm spying on some sites with wishkin-tatic quotes. Shhhhh! I have managed to steal them using the secret ninja technique of "Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V" Some of these may be repeats, but I can assure you, they aren't any less funny.

Castle Otherkin (It's a bloody goldmine, I'm telling ya!) wrote:
For some, (once again I will use this poor man as an example) like Zygo, it is not as easy to squish yourself into a body as it is for others. But somehow he manages. Although there are times when if you glance at him from just the right angle you can see the body fraying around the edges and feathers poking through!

Okay, this person either needs to lay off the LSD, or Zygo is a shape-changing bird alien. I say we tell the Reptilian guys about this, and watch the shit fly.

Random ass furry forum profiled on's Weekend Web wrote:
dude I was high last night after smoking, so my friends and i played a game, we imagined what animal would be perfect, so i closed my eyes and when i opened them i was a crow and everyone else saw and I don't get that high!

Self Memo: Drugs are bad. Stick with caffine for fix.

Drink Deeply and Dream wrote:
ok i fit 90% of those things that describe other kin just wondering if i could find out what i am more accurately.... i love very strongly(the shortest i have ever "loved" someone is just comming to over a year) i am as nice to people as they are to me(fairly common... i think) i "read" people very accurately i have managed to accurately guess poeple are wican etc. just on them adding me on msn, my natrual form on astral is an angel with black wings in what looks like armor and a sword.... other times is just a translucent blue form of me that can grow/shrink/strech easily. just of interest... what if any otherkin am i?(i openly admit this is not a subject i am "good" at)

You're a lobster kin. Get up and dance!

Unfortunately folks, I must now terminate the mission, as I fear I may have been detected. I -knew- I should've put my cell phone on vibrate.

-Captain Nik, Fearless leader.