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A few lovely opinions:

Sumarra: "I pity them their lives are only a joke. They live for a short amount of time in fear and then they die."

How optimistic.

'Lil Miss Evil: "I don't respect them. I just drink their blood. And then thank them and leave them to die painfully. It's fun. I'm cruel. Humans suck."

Her name sums it up, don't it?

Little half-vampire soul: "to me they are just mere inferior species but some are worthy of friendship like my 20 human friends. but some are just not worth my time. not even the whole human race can ever satisfy my thirst. some are also just merely insignificant. they are not even worth the time to feed on."

"Humans are such a waste of time. But don't get the wrong idea, I'm not like unpopular or anything! I have like twenty human friends! I'm totally cool! But uh, yeah. They're a waste of time."

Selene Forens: "I respect them. I used to be a human before I was a vampire. I know a lot about them. They all should be respected. (Well, atleast the ones who are worthy of respect.) And they are smarter than you think. Believe me you do NOT want to ake a Human pissed. In one of my other lives I died because a HUMAN killed me. WITH A BALL. =_= We shall not talk about that incident any further. ANYWAY I'M SAYING ALL HUMANS SHOULD AND WILL BE RESPECTED. IF WE DON'T RESPECT THEM WE CANNOT CONTROL THEM THEREFORE CANNOT TAKE OVER THE WORLD. THANK YOU GOOD-BYE!!"

WITH A BALL OH THE HUMILITY. But yeah. We gotta remember to respect them or we can't totally fuck them over. That's how it works, guyz. 8D

Paige: "i agree though i am human. but you have to see that the way humans treat each other is based on an age old feud between the sapien and the forbidden (pyro, emo, klepto, aquas, frozo) The forbidden have long excepted vampires and always will show them respect just because that's who we are and what we believe (give respect get respect) however sapiens have a thing with not liking, respecting, or excepting anything different. Some sapiens have come around but others are just that way by nature. they have inherited a hate based down from century to century."

WHAT. Sapiens? Seriously? Does she know what that means? And wtf, the forbidden?

Dreamer444: "I am an average human. I hate humans myself. I'd rather be a vampire."

*snorts soda out of her nose* HAH

Felicity: "of what failures do u speak ok some do not understand and some are just scared of what they cannot controle but i c no grate dicrematy to leave them as nothing more as food just think if u were in there posishion would u not feal the same way"

Pardon? I don't speak this language. O.o

There are more. This thread made me explode with laughter.