AFSWATTF Report Number: for (int i = 7 ; i <= 20 ; i++)
Author: Captain Nik. (I couldn't think of anything witty)
Target: (1) One whole heck of alot
Fluff Level: c.println ("Infinite!");

That's right, computer humour. If you were wondering if this entire military unit could be any more of a spectacular mess, well, there's your answer.

Look, I'm starting to wonder if everybody but me and the team thinks that 'Kin persecution is off the friggin' rails. Even on sites I actually like I see stuff like "You can post here, away from all that horrible critisism." Y'know, you don't exactly grow as a person without crit. If I didn't take a friend's crit, a picture I drew wouldn't have turned out nearly as good. See? Crit helps. Even if the critic is a complete assclown.

Why? I find dishonest crit to be a good motivator to shut the critic right the hell up. Getting, to quote ED, all butthurt over someone saying, "I don't believe in your faith." is just sad. Seriously, my friend is Pagan, and I don't believe him one tiny bit. And he doesn't care. He knew I didn't believe him back when we first met, and we've been best friends for five years now. If they don't believe in 'Kin, oh well! Better luck next time! Pray for a better harvast next year. But for the love of God quit whining about it!

I know I keep hammering this point in again and again, but by crying out the evils of humans and saying all that crap that you people do doesn't make you better! It makes you less because of the mindless hate. It doesn't make you better, because it's pointless and hypocritical. It's pointless hate that Doesn't. Make. You. Better.

Would you like me to repeat that?

It's shit like this that pisses me off: That Abaddon guy is there too, spreading his particular brand of bullshit. Actually, that's the entire reason this is pissing me off to the point of blind rage. Dude thinks he's the devil. Seriously.

I don't say this often, but....I couldn't make this up if I tried. And believe me, I've created messed up stuff before. Guy claims to have killed people, hates everyone blah blah blah. AAANNNNNGGGGSSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!

Lt. DLF already profiled the jerk, so I won't steal her thunder.


Emo.....nope, not gonna touch it. For one, it's kinda triggering for me, and for two, there ain't much fluff there. (If you wanna know what triggering means, shoot me a PM.)

Oh hey! A war topic! Started by....oh goddammit, that bastard again! Wait....*reads* I'll be damned, he's actually talking sense for once. If the guy dropped the whole prince of darkness act I'd probably be extending an invitation to the AFSWATTF.

Getting off that train wreck of a site, thank sweet Christ, I got a question: Why are we, the anti-fluff team, hated so much?

(Not the AFSWATTF specifically, but if we get found out and called out, I will laugh -so- hard)

I think it's because we're telling it like it is, and nobody likes to hear it, especially those people who wall themselves off from it. I've got no problem with rather fantastical stories, as who am I to judge? My major glitch with this is the attitude. About how -insert kin type here- is here to, pick one:

1.) Save us.
2.) Kill us.
3.) Teach us stuff and lead us.
4.) As a punishment.
5.) 'Cause we need them here because we be fucked otherwise.

My response:

1.) Shut
2.) Up
3.) And
4.) Quit
5.) Whining

We're pitied or out-right hated just because we're not them. Racism, table for a few hundred? Yep. Listen up.

EVERYONE is different in their own way, be it human, dragon, vamp, were, lobster, what-the-fuck-ever, alright? Everyone has the opportunity to make their marks on history, 'Kin or not. In fact, we're ALL kin. Each one of us. We all desended from the first sparks of life God created, so just stop with the hate and superiority and inflated self-worth/egos for all our sakes.