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AFSWATTF Report Number: 11:47 PM
Author: The one and only me.
Target: OtherKin Forums
Fluff Level: Dear God, I'm scared.

Welp, I have to say. This may very well be the Castle Otherkin for a new generation. I can't help but notice that it was made last month, but in that very short time span, they've accumluated enough fluff to warrant a couple of topics and the direct intervention of myself, the CO of this fine group of awesome people. Just....Jesus H. Murphy, I'm honestly both in awe, and grinning like an idiot.

All that Dragon stuff? Yeah, copied and pasted from this site: http://www.draconian.com/home/frameset.htm I was sure I'd read it somewhere, and a little Googling later, I found the answer. FYI, that site isn't serious about their information. I'm sure about that too, as I read it somewhere before that they aren't serious. They just write as though dragons were actually real, which they said themselves, actually aren't.

And these boneheads seem to be taking it pretty much at face value. "It could have happened!" Says the Admin. Look sister, when the person your Mod is copying from is saying that they made up the whole thing, I'm fairly certain that that would be an "Uh, no."

Just in case I'm about the hear the old, "Universe = Big, therefore Anything = Possible." Okay, fine. I'm a subscriber to that theory. HOWEVER!!! When the other admin just says, "Well it's his past life." and then everybody else says, "STFU and GTFO," to Sera for having the sheer nerve to ask logical questions about it, then I start asking a few questions. And calling bullshit. I really don't think this guy lived the EXACT SAME past life the site owner made up.

Of course, there's human hating. As always. Stuff about "Dragons left because humans are rotten to the bone." Good! Great! If dragons looked at humanity and instead of trying to help just buggered out, then good effin' riddence. Get off my planet you weak-willed do-nothing cowards.

And Lady D also seems to think she has Dragon blood in her. Elf fairy with a wolf soul and dragon blood. I think, I kinda forget.

Humans are evil, humans are stupid, humans don't care about magic. You know, I'm growing very sick and tired of seeing this crap over and over again. You people ARE human. Period. End of story. You are bashing yourselves, you are being hypocritical, and you are the stupids in this case.

You lose. Good day, sirs and madams.


Bleh. I think I found a new fountain of material. Better article tomorrow, sleep now. Especially about this zombie nonsense, seriously, WTF?!

Also Deserving mention-
I really think you need a rather large slice of humble pie. You do seem to know what you're talking about, but you really could stand to be alot less snotty when people question your beliefs. I mean, really, was this called for:

Quote; Directed at our very own Lt. Sera:
Now I am going to take you apart. You are not an otherkin Angel, have no idea what is is. Do not tell me what I have known for years. Frankly you are one who sits on the sidelines waiting to pounce. You are not celestial and if you were truly an otherkin angel you would be able to travel astral. My advice to you is find another site that will accommodate you as this is not the site for you. If you are going to come here and pick every little thing apart of what you know absolutely nothing about then I suggest you go to one of the role playing sites, as it seems to fit you much better. Have I made myself clear?

You know, I really don't think it was called for. Honestly, Sera was nice about it, and you just told her to screw off, stop asking questions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like she hit a wee bit close to home, hmmm? As if, oh I don't know, you can't stand being questioned? Tell me, just how close am I?