Good God, I bust out laughing as soon as I read the site tagline:


fairies and vampires

vampire fairy twilight goth emo punk sk8er meeting place

For the sake of the human race, please tell me they're kidding. Please? No? Dammit!

Melody's right, there's craploads of teh funnay in here! Guess since I'm the Captain, I should be posting some quotes too.

Lycantropus Vampiricus
Humans are simply selfish, evil and dieing, they are capable of anything because their greed and selfish nature, but there are a few of them, that can be respected, they are the ones that help others, put other peoples need before theirs and starve so other people, less fortunate then they can eat...

There are a lot of humans, that i would gladly torture and rip apart just for fun, because they deserve it...

But in general i dont like or love them, unless i have to get to know them...

Isn't "Lycantropus Vampiricus" Latin for "Dipshit Poser?" I swear I heard that somewhere, and definately did not just make it up.

Octavia Rayvn
I respect those I deem worthy of it. Others are just a mere food source for my being.

"OM NOM NOM teh hyoomans is tasty!!1!"

Kris's Baby
OK we got it the first time you said it. and i agree with u partially. I agree that human lives are a joke. but i do NOT respect any human. they don't deserve respect until they give us vampires some respect first. Humans are trash that should be thrown away immidiately.

Uh oh! Better watch out guys! If we don't respect them, they'll write nasty, angsty stuff at us on the internet! D:

Hate is what keeps the world together. if there was no hate all the humans in the world would be clones. you're stupid to think someone with hate has issues. go look at the world and realize what kind of HATE lies all around you. Vampires will rule the world one day you stupid bitch. and you are going to have to deal with all the hate.

And love is what makes the world go round. (: Also: Ragh! Feel the wrath of a 200 year old vampire that just happens to look like a 15 year old girl who can't comprehend the SHIFT key!

April Power
Young children of the night, I must admit I am not surprised to find that most of you hold such a hatefull view to human kind in general. I merely venture to apprehensively remind you that nearly all of us were human at some point or another. I have met many in the time I have had, and have found something to admire in every soul that slips past my fingers. Every human heart, however weak, however fragile can hold something beautiful that cannot cease to surprise those who care to look. Every human mind, however seemingly dull, however fogged by their own mortality, is capable of containing some secret to our Universe. It's merely a matter of having them play into your hand, as I have done with every one of my victims. I can only love the drink if I love the heart that drives it. Most humans cause harm because that is what they've been shown. But any mind, if given time, can be taught to love, and to be as endlessly intricate as one of our own. And to those who have read to the end of this lengthy speech of mine, I thank you for your time, and I pray, your serious consideration.

Of course that's the answer! Humans can only be up to your standards if you maniplulate and kill them! How short-sighted of me, it must be my mortality fogging my brain!

Or reality.

This actually ties in perfectly with what I was going to post in the darker side of fluff topic about people who aren't kin, but act superior because they're wanna-bes, but I think the good Lieutenant found a perfect stepping stone. Bravo, Lt. Bravo.

And again, if the AFSWATTF wasn't just a silly, albeit rather fun, way to profile fluff, you'd be getting accolades and stuff. But, all I have to offer you is one piece of advice: Never run with scissors.

Thank you and good night, civilians!

PS: This site has over 18,000 members. Most of which seem to be immortal, powerful vampires, with about 10% of the user base NOT being fucking nuts. *cry