AFSWATTF Report Number: Eleventy-Seven. Plus two.
Author: The Captain Man.
Subject: Baxil the Dragon.
Fluff Level: Pretty high up there.

Report: This Captain has seen people on high horses before. See: Anyone who doesn't use Windows and can't shut up about it. But I honestly believe if Baxil was on any higher of a horse, he would die from the lack of oxygen way up there.

Oh, he may try and fool you into thinking he's on the level, by writing various essays such as "Draconity and Hate." And how the two don't mix. I can only assume he's banking on the fact that you don't read them. I know I've already posted the quote, but I shall re-iterate, because I love you all that much. And dis-like him that much. Mostly the former.

I believe in dragons. I believe in our potential. And I believe that hatred isn't it. If the non-dragons in the audience will excuse my indulgence in a little species vanity, I believe we are capable of more than other races; we can be teachers, leaders, guides, or stewards to levels of enlightenment that shorter-lived beings would otherwise struggle blindly for.

(Emphasis his)

Several things here, Bax ol' buddy:

A.) If you really want to stop this crap, telling these assholes that they are indeed superior -really- isn't helping matters.
B.) The only thing I've learned from you and your dragon brethern is to stay away, keep a level head, and exercise. Lest I become a mouth-breathing fatass. (FYI: Bax isn't fat. Just don't wanna slight the guy any more than I have to.)
C.) "Struggle Blindly For" Jesus Christ on high do you listen to yourself? If you really did cling to your honour system, you wouldn't be typing this like this. Also: You're coming back to Point A.
D.) I'm not a Dragon. And yet, whatever I put my mind to, I've done. I wanted to be an artist, so I bought supplies and got down to it. I wanted to learn parkour, so I watched some YouTube videos and practiced in my basement. I wanted to meet new people, so I took up cosplay and went to anime cons. Dragons aren't better than everyone else, buster. Not by a LONG shot.

Y'know, it's suddenly very interesting I'm a phoenix. Why? Dragons and Phoenixes have this Yin-Yang thing going on, and I'm Bax's polar opposite it would seem. Call it destiny I make fun of him I suppose, he'd get off on that sorta thing.

Know something? I think alot of this stemmed from That's where people like Bax and Kai got their start. It allowed people like that to connect, reinforce each others beliefs, and proceed to annoy the everliving crap out of the rest of humanity.

Let's proceed with more Bax quotes! Take care here, the path is mined, and my flak jacket has already taken a beating. Why don't one of you guys take point instead...Oh topic, my posts, my team. Shit. Le sigh.

We need to show we're people just like anyone else; we need to show we're unique and genuinely different. We need to show we can blend seamlessly into society; we need to show we'll never be entirely at home in it. We need to show that we picked some wisdom up out of those five-thousand-year lifespans; we need to show that we're humble and aware of our fallibility. We need to show why we choose to chase possibly unreachable dreams. We need to show that the myths we represent are alive and that magic is there to be found if you look.

YOU NEED to pull your head out of your ass. Look folks, I will say this one time, There is no war going on between otherkin and humans!!! Not about beliefs, or magic, or whatever reason you pulled from thin air this week.

Well, it's finally happened: Someone's gone and said I'm crazy.

I'm not the first? Dammit!

....Hey, Baxil! You're crazy! (That felt -great-!)

Outside the social norm? Yes. Unhealthy? Excuse me? Who are you to judge? Learn something more about my life than the first four paragraphs of an essay on one of my beliefs. Then we'll talk.

And you're a jerk. Guess what else? Your obsession with your draconity is unhealthy. And I'm not just saying this because it ticked you off the first time. Your obsession == Unhealthy.

I'm trying to infiltrate this complex farther, but sadly, the security is far too high. It's only a chain link fence, but meh, "effort" isn't my thing.

Recommended Course of Action: I heard he's attending a Kin Gather in California this year. Anybody wanna become a Spec Ops Agent to go yell at him for me?

(Note: Yes I'm joking. Please don't do this for real, I'm pretty sure there's laws against that sort of tom-foolery.)

De-Breifing: Guy's a jerk with an unhealthy obsession with his draconity. Had a spirit son, son was killed by a shadow dragon that he met when said shadow dragon attached herself to his motorcycle helmet.

((About that, I think.....No. You know what? You guys caption that one, it's way too easy for me.))

Entire internet laughed, I did too, has bad facial hair.


Property of the Anti-Fluff Special Weapons and Tactics Task Force. E-mailing targets about content of reports....not condoned.

And that's that. Guy seems to be on the level until he talks about dragons, then whoa-lee sheee-it hold on to your socks.

Side note: This is a thread about people thinking 'Kin > People in general. New quotes/sites are always welcomed.

Side note #2: Thanks again to anyone who reads this.