Hey guys! Two quick things:

A.) I'm all better now!

B.) Bonus content! God bless Encyclopedia Dramatica. Really! For one, they seem to be on a parallel track as the AFSWATTF to take fluff down a couple pegs, and for two, they made fun of Embracing Mystery.

There's some funny photoshops on the main Otherkin article, alongside information on other fluff: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/Otherkin

And on the article about M, it's really well written. And I contributed as well awhile back. My paragraph is the last one in the section entitled The Owner: MemoryandDream: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Embracing_mystery

See? I can be a funny jerk across multiple web sites! I'm shocked to see it was still there, so I guess it stood the acid test.

Anyway, how about a report, and maybe not just from this crudhole of a site.

AFSWATTF Report Number: A number between zero and infinity.
Author: Your Lord and Master......Cpt. Nik. (Not Foamy sadly... ): )
Target: New 'hyooman' bashing fluffy jerkoffs.
Fluff Level: If you don't know by now, why the hell haven't you been reading anything me and my team has said?!

I like to think of myself as a good Captain. As in I would never ask one of my team members to do something I wouldn't do myself.

Except wash the dishes. Screw that noise. They're all dirty and stuff, and I have things to do, I'm a busy CO! Do you think Left 4 Dead plays itself?

So, in spirit of me being a good superior officer, I used Google to find some other quotes and such that deal with teh sucky hew-mans. And I learned several things:

1.) People on furry fetish sites even hate human bashing.
2.) They debate on the frickin' -GameSpot Forums- on 'Kin and the specifics thereof.
3.) Nickelback apparently sucks ass.

Okay, this wasn't going to be as easy as I first thought. Also I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. So I decided to trawl through past sites profiled by other members of the site, and not just topics by myself, or the rest of the AFSWATTF.

From that Femmekin website: (FYI: Tellurians = Anyone not them)

A. That is true, but you have to remember that Aristasians, especially Exiles , see themselves as an outpost of a great and powerful Empire, while they see Tellurians - especially modern Western Tellurians - as barbarians.

Femmekin site again:

That sounds harsh.

A. It isn’t thought of harshly, but they see a people who:

1. Kill their own kind - often in organised wars.
2. Practise torture and cruelty fairly regularly in every generation.
3. Appear to have an obsession with their own waste products and reproductive functions, referring to them frequently, sometimes literally and sometimes as means of vituperation, humour or emphasis.
4. Have a ’science’ which, while fairly sophisticated in technical terms, is grossly ignorant regarding everything beyond the physical plane.

These are signs of a crude and semi-civilised people to Aristasians. Therefore, they do not see themselves as being ‘outnumbered’ by people of their own standing, but as constituting an outpost of civilisation in a savage land.

For one, fuck off my precious science! For two, toilet humour is funny, and don't despise it just to elevate your precious little self, and for three, if you were so civilised, you wouldn't be looking down your nose at the rest of humanity. Which, I might add, you are a part of no matter how much you kick and scream. Live with it.

The 'Kin community on LiveJournal:

I have issues like that with my tail, not so much itchy is all the stupid humans stepping on it or closing it in doors.

Yes! Of course! Clearly it is the fault of someone who can't see/feel/register that it bloody exists! Obiviously, they are horrible people for doing so, and thus are stupid evil humans. You are not one bit in the wrong.

That's it. I'm done.


Bleh....It gets me so pissed off to read about how it's always the fault of those around you, and never you. Just because you're different on a level that quite frankly, even I think is pretty damn suspect at times.

Just get over yourselves.

Y'know....I sometimes wish one of the people the AFSWATTF profiled would come to the site, read one of our topics, realize what a moron they are and change their ways forever.

....And while I'm at it, I'd like to see everyone who believes all asexuals just need a good lay fall down a flight of stairs.

PS: Sorry so short, but it's 11:25 PM, I'm tired, and I got sidetracked while typing this up. I'll make the next one uber-awesome to make up. G'night, folks. I'll leave the topic in the capable hands of my Lieutenants.

*salutes* Good hunting, soldiers.