Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:08 am
What I'm thinking this all boils down to is people wanting to live out their fantasies of what their kin-type is/should be in their eyes.

Really, I don't have a problem with that. Hell, I fully embrace the healing side of being a Phoenix. You can still see the mark on my arm where I donated blood last week, and I'm fully CPR Level C certified. I take to saving lives with a goddamn vengence.

It's just the people building them up to a level high up in the clouds to the point where they're posing a threat to low-flying satellites. People who decide to take on the mantle of "Hero of the Cosmos" just because they're 'Kin. Newsflash, the cosmos doesn't need a damn hero. The Canadian government does (or better yet, it needs an airstrike to the tune of several million nuclear warheads, but that's a rant for another time), but really, the human race DOES NOT NEED some sort of spiritual awakening.

The fact that these people are trying to force it on everyone just screams volumes of irony. They claim to be so open-minded, yet seem to pity the mundane lifestyle. There is NOTHING mundane about life. At ALL. If you really need excitement, then go out and find it.

I was in my basement, practicing parkour. I was sore from yesterday, and tired as hell, and yet I was grinning like an idiot. Why? I was doing something new, exciting and fun. And it had zilch to do with magic/astral travel/whatever the hell these people tout as a welcome escape from their boring lives. Fun can be had in life, you just need to go out there, discover it, then have it. Yeesh.

Look, Kin are not superiour. At all. Ever. Hell, I'd put several 'Kin below regular folk, and a couple of those below say....AIDS. No matter what you think you can do just because You == Whatever, anyone else can do, even if They == Human.

QED, bitches.

And because I'm having more fun with this than I thought possible:

AFSWATTF Situation Report

Target: Some shitty Geocities.
Status: Retarded

Team Member: CPT Nickolai; Commanding Officer/Medic/Fan of Monty Python
Status: Hungry.

Report: It's been about five minutes since I saw this. This being some person taking out their ass in the most amazing fashion I have ever seen. This person is certainly doing their part to propagate the rumours of 'Kin having all sorts of advantages over regular people.

Also, I have to go to the washroom, and my toes are cold.

On dragons, they had this to say:

Many Otherkin who have Awakened as dragons feel the horn constantly (sometime with pain, as migrains and headache), and have a need for pure water nearby. Some of them carry with them a phial of sacred water, where ever they go. They love open spaces are seek for this all the time.


Phoenix-kin are fearless because fear is a limitation, and limitations frustrate them immensely. They are deeply aristocratic, also quite flirtatious, and some males can be quite territorial. The phoenix-kin was despite their free-spirited nature, there is a deep seriousness inside that they seldom reveal.


Some of them are sensitive to light, but it doesn't kill them short and sweet. Certainly, the majority of them I know have been born mortal, and Awakened a vampire. I have to add that their awakening are never easy and quite painfull, as a part of themselves die with the inner life-light.

I think the author's on either too little or too much medication.

-The Captain of this One-Phoenix Army.

...Still can't be arsed.


Don't ask me why I'm stupid happy to identify as a phoenix all of sudden. I'm just as happy to be human right here, right now.

I'm 'Kin, and yet I facepalm whenever I read about all this mystical shit I'm supposed to be doing. It's like that "Dragons have an ongoing war with science" crap I talked about a while back. I'm more mundane than the colour off-white for heaven's sake!

I DON'T WANNA DO MYSTICAL SHIT! Where is it written down I have to?!