"Into every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone shall stand against the fluffpires, demofluffs, and forces of fluffness. She is the Fluff Slayer...Key awesome intro theme by Nerf Herder, and here we go...."
Site: www.fairiesvampires.com
Level of Fluff: There is not a level high enough.
Type of FLuff: Name it

I would like to begin with a quote from a randomly selected member of this website.

"Ok, don't freakout but, I'm a real Vampire. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. The Fangs, turn in to a floke of Bats, mist, a sworm of rats, red eye's, every thing that a Vampire can do but better. But I can see myself in a mirror, go in to a Church, touch holy water, see & touch the holy Cross. For you see now, I'm the grandson of Dracula himself. Cool aint it.
I'm 650 years old, 6ft tall, brown eye's they turn red when I'm mad & Blue when I'm in love or happy. And twice as strong as my GrandFather. Realy I'm stroger then him becuas I'm also part Werewolf. Thats Right I'm a Hybrid."

Randomly selected. Needless to say the fluff is rampant.

The thing that makes this site, so darn fluffy, and so pathetic..It's actually serious. I'm sure that it was started with the best intentions, but...Now it's just enough to give me petite mal seizures.

I've actually found people who are claiming to really be the Twilight characters. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Lets see what other goodies we've got:

"i am a hybrid the humans think its the car but im not a car im a vampire,werewolf,and bat and a fire demon i can change my shape like all demons i have all the vampires werewolfs abd bats all of their powers none of their weaknesses. u think im getting this from "blade" but im not i was made before blade i was pined down on a silver table and was food for bats werewolfs and vampires but i was still human when i was turned as i grew up i got more powerful i was able to jumps higher run faster and i was stronger then all humans the sun couldnt affect me i was hit by a car and still lived i was shot at and it never hit me i was able to run up walls they call me jereth the human slayer."

You assume we think you're getting this from Blade? Well certainly since you pointed out WHERE you're getting it from!! "Werewolfs"? Jereth the Human Slayer? OH....Dear Lord. Where is the punctuation?

"i was born a vampire meaning no bite marks for me.Some say i am the direct descendent of a demon from hell, while others say i am descended from Vlad Tempish, also known as Dracula. my skills are more powerful than a regular vampire's, the difference being impossible for humans to comprehend. It is said that i can even call shadows to help me. i also have age control, meaning i may be 10,000 years old but can look 10 or 100 depending on what i like."

These kids can't come up with anything better than "I'm Dracula's Grandchild".

"My name i maria but my friends call me mari my momy is the alpha wolf of our pack...I'm just a pup i hop one day i will be like her...
my dad is a vampire.....so u can see that I'm a hybrid.... i have a sister and a brother ....i love my family is a really weird one but they are the best thing that have ever happen to me...."

I wonder if her mother's name is Leah Clearwater...Why do these kids think that Twilight is real?

The kicker is that I was on the chatroom one day lurkin about, and this girl claimed to be a vampire. I said, ok. What kind?

She said she didn't know, but that she'd turned people before. I said, so you're ageless. She had no idea what I meant, but she thought that it had something to do with her VENOM.

I told her vampires don't have venom, and at that point her boyfriend told me, "We're not here to judge".


There's more...but my foots asleep...