A note from Lt. DLF
Before we go into this one i'd like to once again enthesise that we name, shame and humiliate on this site so that you don't have to. While this person was/is on a popular otherkin site we strongly discourgae forum flame-wars over one contained case, even we try to avoid the flame wars- and we have a dragonkin and a phoenixkin in our regiment!

So here's the latest fluff ball on OtherkinCommunity.net. Enjoy!:

I'm Krystal Sterling. I am told I am the Princess of the Inut Vampire Covenant. There are three covenants left. There were twenty before the Vampire/Lycan war.
My dilemma is that my Vampire "half" has "melded", so to speak, with my Demon "half". I am a freshmen in high school and I chill out with other Otherkin. they are:
Kytoa(pack leader, also Apache Lycan prince)
Mira(newly awakened Dark Elf, also best friend)
Kita(Newly Awakened Lycan also best friend)

On one occasion Kytoa plotted to kill me but Kita intervened. Shes very protective of me. it tells you there are good Lycan after all. anyhow, as you read earlier my situation is somewhat different. I have a "half" as my Otherkin group calls it. what happens is our "other half" takes over how we act/talk/etc. but we have blessed objects which control when/or not our "half" comes out.The object is usually jewelry. its a common human object so its easy to obtain. My past is nothing but a blur. As some of you may have already read my best friend and betrothed(old school right?) was killed before my eyes and that is all i remember. nothing more nothing less. I am only trying to find my past and who i am. any help would be wonderful. you all have a nice night!

and when asked about her necklace...

not controlled Contained. its dangerous to let them out in such a populated area.

Similar to weres, Lycans cannot change shape, and they aren't just wolves, any big predator. I know a bear, two wolves, a white tiger, and some others.

The War is still going on between Vampires and Lycan and it affects me every day.

and when asked why it's dangerous her friend posts...

It's dangerous because we have the Princess of Vampires and the Prince of Apache Lycans in our group. Kytoa is aggressive and all about fighting and whenever he takes of his blessed ring, could come out at any minute and kill her. Lycans are always arriving at her house: she's killed at least four already. Kytoa's human body even calls her things like 'leech' and other scornful names. It is also dangerous because Kytoa has been Awakened since around birth, as his grandfather has taught him how to fight and everything he knows. Kytoa is a fighting machine, and he leads his pack with an iron fist. And being half-demon, she really has to control herself. Her necklace she uses isn't directly blessed-she transferred the enchantment from a previous necklace which was lost in a fire. Since we now know Kytoa has a guardian angel and she's one of our friends, Krystal is on constant lookout.

Additional information: Krystal's brother does not know about himself. Krystal saw his true form ( a skeleton with wings and internal organs) and still he is Unaware. The purpose of showing himself to Krystal was to reveal HER demon side.

*headdesk* So here's what her friend had to say in her intro...

The name Mira came to me a while after I found out I was an elf.

I was told by Kytoa, the prince of the Apache Lycans, that I was a daughter of the Queen.

I am a Junior in High school and my group of friends are almost all Otherkin.

We have:
Kita (Kytoa's sister)
Krystal (half demon/half vampire princess)
Itanu (Kytoa's fiancee)
Az-something, oddly similar to Azarain(half warrior angel/half human tracker)(Kytoa's guardian angel)
and a few unknowns.

We are currently against Azarain, a traitorous Apache Lycan who's destined to be killed by Kytoa. Who is doing everything in his power to hurt Kytoa by killing all of his packmates/friends (US!!!)

Yes, this is complicated.

And we have two separate entities: our human-form, and our inner 'kin.

We 'let them out' and they take over, transforming the way we act/talk/etc.

We use blessed objects (i.e. jewelry) to help us control when/when they don't come out.

I know this seems different than what most people here experience but that is my situation and I am currently trying to force Mira out, otherwise the pent-up energy (has been building up since Awakening), will surely kill me.

Any/all advice, tips, hints, or just ANYTHING is most appreciated.

I wish all of you a great day.

When asked if she's an RPer....

this is NOT roleplaying.

Azarain is NOT HUMAN in ANY WAY.

and Kytoa told me what his elders told him. The elders knew because the Originals are visiting them BECAUSE a daughter of the queen Awakened. Which is me. The Originals are light elves and dark elves, the two original races (besides angels and demons) on the Earth.

I am not a vampire, but an elf.
The energy does build up and it WILL kill me, so I believe that some of your information is wrong.

The jewelry is blessed by the Apache Lycan elders.

It seems to me that the Otherkin here just have the memories of the other part of yourself. We (the people at my HIGH SCOOL - not junior high) ARE them. We have some physical characteristics of them (I'm currently growing my ears and there is a blue/gray crown on my palms) and we can use the individual race powers. Once I master them, I will be able to teleport through shadows and grow dark blades from my body.