*salutes* At ease, Lieutenants, and great work. Again, if this was real, medals and a month's leave for everyone! But it's not. And I keep saying it's just for fun because I'm pretty sure sooner or later I'll get called out on it, and I'm just enacting the time honoured method of Covering My Ass.

However, if some fluffster raises warning about a "Black Ops groups from Otherkin.com" I will laugh -so hard.-

BTW, Lt. DLF, your official position is CO of the Logistics Division.

So, for those of you keeping track at home, this is the roster so far:

CPT. Nik, CO of the AFSWATTF, Medic.
LT. Melody, CO of Intelligence Devision.
LT. DLF, CO of Logistics Devision.

And once I make a Logistics and Intelligence Devision, and figure out what the hell they -do- we'll be good! And CO means Commanding Officer. You guys feel special? I know I do! And a little sick to my stomach, and I blame the Mexican I had last night.

Oh, and if you're wondering where I got the idea? I used to read Fundies Say The Darndest Things.com alot. One of the quotes was how the site, FSTDT, has a black ops group that exists only to mock the stupid-ass things Fundies (Insane folks of any religious stripes, but mostly Born-Again Christians) say. Hence the name.

Obviously, no such group existed, but I laughed so hard at that I never forgot it. Now, with so much fluff to laugh at, a place to do it, and an audience that seems to enjoy it enough to call me for backup when that hunter lady showed up, I figured, "Oh, what the hell.m It'll be funny."

And hence, the AFSWATTF was born.

Getting to the topic at hand...

I actually read Case Study #3 last night, so that's a very good find, as I was in slack-jawed amazement at what I was seeing. That scent thing...I'm 100% positive that has something to do with Twilight, because I heard my friend Matt saying something about that after he saw the movie. Personally, I don't see what's so great about it. They act like it's the Second Coming of Western literature, and I think if the book is that good, it had better cure polio and dispense Jello.

Plus, most of these guys are under 18. They have a little event thingy in the right margin, and it usually has someone's birthday in it, and the age so far has NEVER been over 18. And yet many claim to be 200yr old vampires that feed off of the human cattle.

If you think this is just role-play, sorry, but nope. In the rules section, they have a rule about not asking for blood donations. Yep, the people who run the site believe it. And I'm pretty sure there's no rules about posting your address, but I'd have to check that. Really, the whole site is just Fluff Central, and I'm seriously thinking about e-mailing the Something Awful Weekend Web writer about it to see if he'll profile it.

(...That's what the AFSWATTF seems to be, I guess. The SA Weekend Web with a military bent. I'm such a damn -genius!-)

But you didn't come here for a psych analysis of these guys, you came for the funny!

Lycans are sometimes violent, and sometimes stupid.
Vampires are violent, But certaintly not stupid.
Humans are stupid and violent.
Yet, lycans and vampires aren't the dominant speicies?
Then that makes humans certaintly smarter than us.
I can put it in my point in view, because I'm none of them.

Know something? I'm pretty sure that you can add phoenix to the list of violent species in just a second here. And yes, there are weres on the site too, and humans, vampire, and weres seem to be engaged in an eternal pissing contest about who's the best.

And this is a reply to the above gem:

the whole idea is to let the humans believe they're the dominant race. We dont want to be monsters.

WELL WOWEE-KABOINKY!!! I'm sure glad that you let us believe we're the dominant species, because goodness knows that a bunch of scene kids could certainly take on the entire world's combined military might. Shit, you're losing to three people in a made-up military unit! What does that say about your dominance?

In response to a request to be turned:

You cant be turned, this isnt the movies.

.....*dies laughing* Welcome aboard the good ship, Irony. Nice day for a sail, just don't look in the mirror, it breaks the illusion.

And yet over in the Vampire forum, there's talk of turning thrown about every which way. This is the Lycan/Were forum, BTW.

And the fairy part of the board isn't without its share of drama either!


Teehee! Aaaaaannnnnst!
Sorry to sign off so soon, but I think I'm actually kinda sick with something. Lieutenants! The topic is yours for the moment!

*salutes* Captain of the AFSWATTF signing off!