This Is the Origins of the AFSWATTF, the first report and the writing pre and post in this topic determined our cause.
The Following occured on otherkin.com who is not responsible for our actions or opinions, but is a damned good site.
Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:44 pm

I scowered my computer and found that I had saved the concersation we had, here are some posts from different members (again i'm still not proud of how I reacted but all things considered I don't think i'd act any different if I could)-
~Warning- Very Long Block of Headbang-inducing text~

*you've seen my original post so i shall say that is the first post*

You completely VILE and TWISTED creature.
How dared you post anything so utterly offensive and foul here?

I wish you one day would come upon a picture of yourself that makes you feel as much like vomiting as that made me.

Lady C. Please remove this picture if you do not then I will be very disappointed in you.

Haunting Silence.
A Unicorn.

It is my absolute pleasure Haunting Silence to remove them.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that such an image found its way onto my forum.
This is not a place where Kin come to find photographs of themselves beheaded, and before anyone says that it is not real, it looked real, and the intention was to depict a beheaded Unicorn. And before any of you say that this is art I will say that art is not, and never should be, an excuse to hurt another person in this way.

No-one is ever to post pictures like this on my forum again.

Haunting Silence I really don't know what to say. I was moments away from removing them when you made your post, and I am so sorry that you were so upset.
I am appalled that any Kin member could possibly wish to hurt another Kin member in this way. It shocks and disturbs me.

Once again you have my apologies.

Lady C.

Here comes the unicorn again-
In my wildest dreams I could not concieve of what made you think that posting a picture of a beheaded Unicorn on an Otherkin forum was a good idea.

And now a very pissed off me-
I'm apalled that they were removed!

Those pictures were an art form meant to cause a reaction and make people think. The person who did this art doesn't even know about otherkin so why the **** would his art be made as offensive to you in any way.

Yes it was a real horse, I see nothing offensive about it- I horse ride yet I didn't get the slightest bit offended by it- it's called art. He also chops up calfs, preserves cows and sheep as well as butterflies and flies.

And calling me a vile and twisted creature is nothing short of flamming. How dare you criticise me for my taste in art!?! Especially when I had already declared the deep passion I had for this artist.

Has it occurred to you that maybe some people can look at an art form and actually find something beautiful and thought provocative in it. Maybe you didn't think about the fact that I am dedicating my life to the art scene because of amazing and thought provocative art such as this? No- because you saw a dead animal and instantly decided it was horrible and offensive.

Ironic that the unicorn was called the broken dream and you couldn't conceive it "in your wildest dreams". I'm sorry but that speaks volumes for me as to the degrees of his art. I really do love Damien Hirst's work.
Also Ironic that you cared more about the make-shift unicorn that you did the real human skull.

If I find a picture that makes me vomit a much as this one did you I will thank god that there is still art out there that can get an amazing reaction out of people. Jake and Dinos Chapman are good for that and I wouldn't post them here because they actually ARE offensive. What I showed you was reality, art and science combined with philosophy and the chance to confront death preserved.

It's reactions like this that make me grateful that art is as free as it is nowadays.

Also as to posting such images on a otherkin site- I for one would be bloody grateful if he'd tried to make a dragon attempt- at least then I could get a closer look at the perception of my kin even if it is dead. There are some kin out there who will dance in the dead skin of their theriotype to get closer to that animal. It's not for everyone but it should not be censored.

To have my love of Damien Hirst get me called vile and twisted.... I just can't understand that.

Some random person-
I'm glad I didn't see that. Thankyou Lady C.

Me again-
Well the animals used in his art are never treated cruelty- In fact they get better care and treatment than most animal the go onto be food, coats and (in some unfortunate cases) pets.

His art brings joy to my eyes and he inspires me to think further into the world, my existence and my feelings, I really feel deep down in my heart that his art is amazing.
I remember the first time I saw one of his books- It cost me £60 but I’ve always been grateful that I invested in it.

I don't think it should have been edited out.
I've shown his art to the majority of my school year and though people have disagreed I have never heard such insults hurled at me and I have never had my images edited out before.

I am truly sorry that we didn't get to it before you saw it Haunting Silence. I know how bad I felt seeing it so I cannot conceive of how awful it was for you.
Lets not do this again in any form, it’s really not the kind of thing anyone should be subjected to.
It is essential that everyone thinks about what they are posting before posting it.
That way something like this doesn't happen again.


Are any of them Unicorns? Have you shown these same people pictures of dead babies or beheaded children?
Somehow I doubt it.

This is not about what you believe to be art, it is about the feelings of one of our own. Haunting Silence was obviously very hurt by the picture of the Unicorn, and having googled it to see what all this was about I really can understand why.

If his art brings joy to your eyes then good for you, but it brought pain and sadness and anger to Haunting Silence, and I'm afraid that I agree with Lady C. That is more important than an art appreciation lesson.

I think that posting the images on a Kin forum was a bad idea. These other people who you showed the pictures to do not even believe that Unicorns are real let alone that they are one. So of course they didn't take it personally.
As for flaming and insults, well if you really cannot see why Haunting Silence reacted the way she did, then perhaps you could think about it again, this time from her point of view instead of your own.
It was thoughtless of you, and however much you enjoy his work that should not prevent you from thinking through your actions. He has done other work that would not be considered as offensive here, and yet you didn't seem to think about it enough to realise that of all the pictures he has done the one of the Unicorn would probably be the most offensive to members of an Otherkin forum, especially if any of them were Unicorns.
And even having had it pointed out to you, still your first thought was for your right to post pictures of the art?
For goodness sake they are just pictures, Haunting Silence is a living, breathing, feeling person, to me that should be more important, and to me it is.

And me again, getting even more pissed off-
No but some of them were horse riders - some of them were horse lovers. They just said "It's not my thing" and moved on. I've been to a role-play event where they dragged around a realistic looking dragon corpse about the same proportion as me about the same size etc. etc. did I wine? No I appreciated how great the detail was.

It's not a real unicorn it's a horse- I ride a horse that looks just like it, he's called Hugo. I still don't object to this art even though I have such an intimate relationship with the real living breathing animal.

No one had yet to call me a vile creature for showing them this art. Or is that being over looked?

I see nothing wrong with posting it- It's called art.
Popular art at that, Damien Hirst makes the newspapers frequently- they don't edit him out, same as the in other forums, again not edited out. You could walk into a gallery and see this art, what are you going to do then? Can't edit that out, that’s what art is all about- dealing with the images you see.

I did not show you other art because this was from his current two piece auction. Other art wouldn't be relevant at all. Also I personally love the two unicorn pieces.

I thought about what I was posting, I knew it was thought provocative but I expected it to be approached in a mature and academic way instead of deleted and repeatedly apologised for. I have nothing to apologise about.

I got up to a person I say "What artist do you like?" they say "Picasso" I say "I'm not to keen on picasso" I say "damien hirst" they say "i'm not to keen on damien hirst" and the conversation goes on. I don't expect to be called a vile creature for my taste in art.

Damien Hirst is a huge part of my life and I've always felt welcome to express that belief until I came here the "all-understanding-forum" that cannot even allow a few simple picture of art up that are shown in the media frequently.

Oh and maybe it was a declaration of excitement and not just an art lesson, maybe I find it extremely shocking and upsetting to be verbally insulted for being immensely exited about seeing this art.

Maybe I wanted to share a big part of my life with a forum I was starting to consider as a frequent visit only to be shot down and apologised for. Maybe my life’s pursuit of going into this art world was something I felt I could share without being so harshly stomped down. Ever think that I too am obviously very hurt and insulted by having basically my life's aspiration cause me to be insulted.

I've never experienced such a negative reaction in a forum.


Oh yeah, I am capable of “tha dramaz” too.

Some of them were horse riders and some were horse lovers, but none of them were horses.
We are not just a forum, we are people, with feelings.
If you cannot see the difference then I suppose you can't.

*quoting me*
No one had yet to call me a vile creature for showing them this art. Or is that being over looked?
*end of quote*

I have a feeling none of them consider themselves to be Unicorns. Haunting Silence was angry with you because you posted up a picture of a beheaded member of her race. You seem perfectly happy to overlook that.

Your aspirations would be very welcome here, photographs that portray dead Kin are not. The photographs were removed in accordance with the rules of the forum.

If you believe that you have done nothing to apologise for then there is no further point to this discussion. This topic is therefore closed.

Lady C.

They then closed the topic and I posted my good bye-
Fine the unicorn (a.k.a. Horse with horn put on for effect of dream and illusion) Is no longer beheaded, happy?


It's not a unicorn anyway or a dead-kin - it's a dead horse. One of her race is not being killed, a horse got killed. I didn't see it as offensive because I as a horse rider did not see it as offensive, and seeing as it's a horse wah-lah.

I did not overlook it- infact I even pointed out the irony of her description to the title. I do, however, not like being insulted over a dead horse. Which, by the way, will be selling for over 2mil whether you saw it or not. And whether you saw it or not it still exists.

I posted this in the human/non-kin section hoping for human/non-kin discussion. I didn't put in in any other section.

Oh and yes I am leaving this forum now. I'm sure alot of you will think of it as good riddance. But contrary to some peoples beliefs I was actually sincere in all my posts.

Nothing to say except I'd rather be free to express myself in the real world (and other more accepting forums) then cut off, blocked out and insulted in what must be the most un-accepting and over-exaggerated forum I’ve been on.

Sorry my stay could not have been better, sorry I did not do exactly what you wanted to be 100% acceptable and sorry I wasted your time.
Dragonslorefury Out.

They then deleted me and removed any trace of the conversation about the art or my goodbye, oh what a shame.
God I was so pissed off when this happened, I know I didn’t act great but at least I had arguments to back up my points besides “it’s a dead unicorn and I’m a unicornkin”. Also as you can see I was obviously upset by the reaction and none of them cared because it was a non-kin concern.

On another tone I won't be contributing any more quotes to this topic; the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as does most of castle Otherkin. Even putting these quotes up pissed me off again.
That's not to say that I won't point out the fact that it's an open forum so anyone can view or retrieve anything in it.

Lt. Sera

Wow dlf...just wow. Speaking of having your posts removed, this one started out as me talking about balancers and, once I got banned, got warped into fluff tastic ness.

Person 1:
The Eqilizer I know is an Elf Shade. It would be a wonder if it were THE SAME Elf wouldn't it?
Yes I know what you mean about restless Weres. Darkness drives me mad sometimes with her constant fidgeting.
You could meditate Katie or you could visit the Library that Zygo has mentioned where there is a register.
There are no purely physically beings as each being has a spirit/essence.
But Kin ARE the energy beings.

QUOTE (Banned member)
By energetic beings, I mean those beings whose natural form is not physical.

When we were created there were no bodies, so every kind of kin began it's existence as a pure energy being.
The difference quoted is quite correct.

a physical being is basically a soul that inhabits a physical form while an energetic being is a being made of pure energy that can condense into a physical form.

That is the difference between non kin and kin.
Non kin require a physical body to exist. Kin do not.
Our energy lives on without it's physical overcoat, until a new one is chosen, and we once again condense our essences to fit within a physical form.
For some, (once again I will use this poor man as an example) like Zygo, it is not as easy to squish yourself into a body as it is for others. But somehow he manages. Although there are times when if you glance at him from just the right angle you can see the body fraying around the edges and feathers poking through!

Person 2: The problem with equilizers is sometimes they stop working for the best interests of the whole and start making their own decisions about who and what requires their services and how to go about dispensing their own special brand or eqilization.
Things can get unfortunate then.
I have known one such person who decided that it was her place to split up a couple who were happy together and very much in love. She decided that they were spending too much time together, and they did not have enough problems in their relationship, and that they could not test the strength of their love unless they had overcome at least one serious problem. The end result could have been devastating. Luckily she did not get the chance to do more than tell a few lies and write a few letters before she was discovered and her meddling was ended. But it could have ended very differently.
Balance is all very well, but no-one can know all the facts of a situation, or how everyone really thinks or feels. Unless something is really broken, leave it alone, often it will find it's own natural balance again if given the time.
Patience is the best thing in these situations I think.
And I am always a tall thin woman, with white/blonde hair, wearing a long pale blue dress, whenever I enter the Astral. I have tried being something else but I can't. I can't even change the colour of my astral hair or the dress I am wearing!
My daughter thinks that's because that's what I really look like inside, but I don't know. Maybe she's right?

Person 3: The true Equilizers do not make their own decisions about who and what needs their special talents applying to them.
Only people who think they are Equilizers but are completely without the necessary training or even the natural instincts for what is needed do that.
These people like the one you mentioned Moon can and do cause great harm with their meddling. They place themselves in what they consider a position to judge, and often claiming a direct connection to a higher power in oder to make the chaos they create seem acceptable, make sweeping statements about what is right and wrong, and what is truth and what is falsehood, and then proceed to correct the mistakes of others in their own special way. They hurt innocent people and can bring harm to a good many things. They are a very destructive force indeed and are one of the Universe's many evils that need to be faced and overcome.
They do not need to be beaten, and you do not need to fight them, in fact the worst thing you can do is fight them as this is what they want. it helps them make things even worse.
You did not say how the person you spoke of was stopped in the end Moon, but the best ways to fight the evils of this kind are to remove them from your vicinity, remove yourself from their sphere of influence, and then move on and forget about them.
Meaness and cruelty have no place in our hearts or our lives, these people who need to treat others in this way must be left behind to live their lives and hopefully learn from this existence as we all do, in order to become more while we are here than we were when we arrived each and every time we live as human beings.
Human existence has much to teach and although not all the lessons are fun, they are all necessary, and we can grow from each and become more than we were because of them.

Admin/site owner: I believe that certain people need to appear much more important than they really are, and so will make outrageous claims like this one.
balancers are the carbon bonds that maintain the diamond as a diamond; without them, the diamond either breaks down completely or becomes something entirely different.

Only The Source is that important. No-one/nothing else has that kind of power or influence.
Otherkin are different both to Non-kin and to each other, but none of us is so special that without us the whole concept of the Universe would cease to be! For goodness sake I have heard some wild claims before, but that is a little much to be honest.
We are all just beings trying to survive the best way we know how. Some of us have more knowledge than others, some have more experience, but none of us is so important that we can eclipse any of the others. We should work together to be better people, and better friends and neighbours. To build better lives and communities for ourselves and others.
I do not see that any of us are better or more powerful or more important than any of the rest. I have met Kin who believe themselves to be better than/superior to humans, I have even been accused of that myself, but Kin that make claims of being more important than everyone/everything but The Source like this are missing something I feel.
We all come from the Source, and we were all created different, but equal. Yes I believe that some Kin were given tasks to do, and the abilities to carry out those tasks, but for someone to try and place him/herself above all others in this way is very sad, and very disturbing aswell.

Person 4: Yeah I am sure you do, but the fact remains that from the sound of what you were told, this person really believes themself to be more powerful than any other type of kin, and what Lady C is saying is that such power belongs to The Source, and although the rest of us do have gifts and abilities none of us are so powerful that it makes us more important than any one else.
This sounds like a severe case of Elvin Princess Syndrome to me.
You're not just a Tiger Byakko, you are a Tiger with all the abilities that brings you, and the thought processes and logic of an intelligent human to drive and focus them.
I am Shadow, with the abilities that brings and the human touch to drive and focus them too.
Each side brings more to the other than either would have alone, and that works the same way for all of the Otherkin races, but still we none of us have the kind of power claimed here. No-one creature or race of creatures would be allowed to wield such power. It would be far too dangerous.
Still it is good to know about people who think like this, they can cause a great deal of trouble with claims like this, not least for themselves.

Captain Nik
Ho-lee Sheeeee-it! My God, I've never seen such an overreaction in my entire life. Does this person actually think the guy killed a REAL UNICORN just to cut its head off and display it? Seriously? What in the hell?!

Y'know...this tears it. I am now 100% positive that this is a cult or something very close to it. This sounds almost exactly like that Final Fantasy house, and Lady C will allow NOTHING to upset her members. It's crap. Any sane person could see that that was a terrific overreaction to the art you posted. Yet -you- got jumped on. Personally, I'd have told her to just suck it up, it wasn't a personal attack, it's not a real effin' unicorn, don't attack me, and live with it!

This is also a prime example of "White-Knighting" What is that? It comes from the Something Awful Forums. It's basically just people screaming to defend other people from nay-sayers comments. Like this:

Person #1: War is good.
Person #2: War is not good, because my friend was killed. I completely disagree with you.

That's rather extreme, but I stand by my point. It's like they think they can shield all the poor, defenseless, little 'Kin from those nasty, mean humans and 'Kin who aren't them. It's the Internet, you can't. You just don't listen to it if it offends you! If I responded to every YouTube comment that pissed me off, I'd be at the computer ALL. DAY. I really believe this is cult-ish, because they claim to be "The only people you can trust with this. We're your blood-kin. You can only confide in us." I'm paraphrasing, but I think you get the gist.

And yes, I stand by the AFSWATTF. Wall of text ahead, hold on to your socks. (No, this isn't roleplay, just a change in writing style, mainly for my own amusement.)

Fluff Report: #005
Author: CPT. Nickolai, AFSWATTF Team Leader/Medic.
Contributors: DLF and Sera.
Pie: Tasty.
Cake: A Lie
Do I Hate Myself: Yep.

Mission Log:

Sometime within the past few months, years, or maybe even weeks, DLF came under fire for her taste in art. She defended her point, and was promptly banned from the fluff forum in question. Apparently, Sera was soon to follow. This author extends his condolences for the crap they put up with, and his gratitude for finding quotes, to make my job easier. I'd extend a high five, but they live outside my high fiving range.

I believe I expressed my feelings for this in the preceding paragraphs, so I won't bore you all. Instead, I offer insights to new quotes from a forum recently come across in the Links section: The House of the Anichents.

This author went to the fluff site in question and observed it for a very long period of time. About 15 minutes, because then he had to go to his crappy retail job uptown. He is done taking about himself in the third person now.

I was rather amazed at what I saw. For one, for being apparently God-like beings trapped on our plane of existance for the sole purpose of guiding our collective dumbasses, they didn't type very good. For two, even though the site owner was alledgely so powerful as to unknowingly attack you through an internet connection with his tremendous energy.

((I'm not making this up. Click this link, then the forums at the top of the page. Then the sub-forum entitled "FAQ - Read this First." Then read the topic called, "My energy changes people." I apologize for the instructions, but I can't link directly. It's in the OP, about how his ambient energy in what he writes has messed people up for years, just by reading his words! And these are people just as Godly as he is!!))

I felt absolutely nothing. Maybe the energy can't work over a wireless internet connection, my firewall is 10X more kickass than I thought, or Windows Vista actually has a practical use, of "Plus Infinite to Resist Godly Energy"

Or maybe he's a lying liar-face. We may never know!

The only thing I felt was a sudden urge to stop reading, stand up, and go practice parkour vaults for about five minutes. Even though I already had a wicked carpet burn from that morning, perfecting the Basic Parkour Roll.
I doubt that's his doing, I just got really bored of the same thing over and over.


This same thing was honestly quite shocking. I was so shocked my kevlar vest caught fire. I don't even own a kevlar vest! They consider themselves very superior, and wish nothing more than to help us poor, close-minded humans to awaken to do the wonderous things that they can do with energy to! How wonderful....ly retarded.

The site owner was giving instructions on how to alter the behaviour of entire freakin' cities! Even with my knowledge focused on non-energy working things, such as videogames, SWAT stuff, and cloud watching, I call BS. Apparently there's some sort of energy core in every city, and it's just perfectly fine to mess with it! If this thing exists, I would think that God wouldn't take kindly to people from the internet playing with it.

I recommend a research mission to determine the exact nature of these energy cores. If they do exist, we probably shouldn't be allowing holier-than-thou folks from the fucking INTERNET to mess with these things. We should than station guard battalions around every single one, to ensure they don't get corrupted or anything.

This may be difficult, as I'm the only member, I have no clue how to do a research mission, and honestly, I just can't be arsed. Videogames to be played, clouds to be watched.

The AFSWATTF will prevail though! Some day, SOME DAY! I'll GET you my pretty, and your little dog too!!! BWA HA HA HA Ha ha....ha.....uh......

Thank you and good night!

-Captain Nickolai, Commanding Officer/Medic of the AFSWATTF. Watcher of Clouds, Still Can't Be Arsed.

End Mission Report

This message will self-destruct....right after this game of Free Cell.

Two things: 1.)Thanks to everyone for all this. Shout out to DLF, Sera, and any other finders of quotes I missed.

2.) New format: Yea or nay. I think it's a good change up from venting my spleen as loud as I could, not to mention throwing in plenty more jokes. Plus, I always wanted to call myself a Captain of a tactical squad. Now I can! Yippie!

...Still a geek.

And thus the AFSWATTF Report was created, and as people liked the format our good Captain Nik continued it. Others started using it and a forum was suggested and....erm..... I can't quite remember what happened after that....