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Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:54 pm
Lt. Sera
Castle Otherkin quotefest (yes, it's a book...yes there's more if you wanna see more

What's wrong with humans?
Person1: I can't, nor won't speak for everyone else, but only for myself on this topic, because in a way, it is a touchy subject, but none the less, one that we have honestly spoken of in other posts. I personally don't dislike all humans, but for the majority, I dislike them, because so many of them are in for things like greed, and do nothing but harm and hurt one another, when peace should all they should hold dear. I have my own reasons for disliking them, but that's just me. Some may have some feelings in common with me, but it's not my place to say.

Person 2: Some humans are stupid, ignorant, un-caring beings, and they plague our world with more and more people every day like them. They fear what they dont understand, and try to remove the "threat" instead of trying to understand it. I have been around them, and throughout my many spans of existance, I have only met a couple of humans that see things as we do. Thus, I have made the conclusion that the vast majority of humans are beyond our help and even if they weren't, they wouldnt accept it anyhow

What makes kin, kin?

Person 3: Yes Zygo, I would agree with that.
Humans may aspire to be kin, and they may 'upgrade' themselves to become more spiritually aware humans, but they will always still just be humans.
Humans who can become kin by any method sounds to me too much like turning for me to take it seriously.
For me there are kin and there are non-kin, and the kin cannot be human though of course they have to live in human bodies and play make believe just to get by, and humans can never be kin, no matter what they do, though of course they too can make believe if that is what they wish.
In any existence there are kin and non kin and the two are completely different, and not interchangable.
You can pretend your dog is a cat if that is what makes you happy, but you will never be able to make him miaow!
Instead of wishing he was something he will never be, better just to accept that he's is a dog, and learn to love him just for that.
Love humans for being human if you want to, but if you love them why do you want to change them? And trying to make them into something they can never be will just cause misery for all concerned.

Admin: I thought very hard about that undefinable 'something' that I could not describe to you all.
That thing that I think makes us kin, but could not put into words.
I even talked to my grandfather about it last weekend and he gave me a few words that resonated as no words have when I have thought about it before.
He said what makes us kin and the humans not is.............
The Spark of The Divine.
That minute fragment of the source that all kin carry within them. Connecting them directly to the source and giving them the light that glows from within to bring warmth and to illuminate an otherwise cold and bleak world, in a false existence. Trying vainly to be that which we can never be...........
Human like all the rest.
He took special care to point out that whilst kin can act as human, even believe they are human for years. They are always aware somewhere inside themselves that they are not the same.
Whilst we can be human....We cannot be human like all the rest of the humans.
We can only be a kin version, whist we await the right and proper time to awaken and become our true selves.

Person 4: To be Other-kin means to be of a Kin that is something other than human. To be Kin means to be a Kin essence, whether inside a human body or not.
If I believe myself to be Cat Kin it is not because I am a cat in a human body, but because I am a Kin essence, who happens to be feline. If I am Kin, then I am Kin even when I am not in a human body.
It is not genetic, or biological, it is purely essence related.
If I am Kin, then I am Kin whether I possess a body or not. It is possible to have lives in the Astral realms which obviously are not in a living body, and still be Kin.
Unfortunately each time you make the kind of statement you made above Byakko, you are going to be misunderstood by each and every person who thinks like me, who classifies Kin in this way.
I say 'If I am Kin', because I am now trying to distance myself from all reference to the word Otherkin, or Kin in any form. I am tired of being shoved into boxes like this, by people who don't know what they are talking about. Classifying myself as a part of a group dynamic means that others can also try their hand at classifying me, and get it wrong.
To be honest, I would be happy to distance myself from 'Otherkin' of every kind. They are not like me at all, and statements like the one made by Byakko, just re-inforces my belief in that fact.
I will not be told who and what I am by total strangers who are not happy unless they have a group to belong to. I am who and what I am, if you can't be bothered to get to know me, then that's your loss.
You can call me Otherkin if you want, I cannot stop you, but I couldn't stop you from calling me a Yeti either. That would not mean I was one.

Byakko: My statement might not make sense to people who believe what you do, but to people who share my beliefs that kin essences don't exist...that otherkin result when non-human souls or energies end up in human bodies it makes sense completely. To people who share my beliefs, when we aren't in human bodies, when we're back in the body we "belong" in...like I'd be in a tiger body, we're simply what we are. I'd just be a tiger not otherkin or kin of any kind other than tiger.
Since you, and many people here, do *not* share by beliefs on the subject, we're just going to have to agree to disagree.

Person 5: That's exactly why I don't intend to ever call myself otherkin again.
Because people who believe what you do, are Otherkin.
And of course you demand that I acknowledge your beliefs, whilst you can openly say that you think I and my kind don't exist.
I find that highly offensive.

Mod: Darkness is correct Byakko. She is saying that she does not agree and that she doesn't refer to herself as Otherkin because of such things. You then proceed to talk about it further and say stuff that is apparent like how it would be obvious if she believed how you do.
Well, as you yourself said, many here do *Not* believe that way, and we do not tell you what you should or can believe. So then, since you know that we don't believe how you do. And thus, it wouldn't be obvious to us what you mean. You might want to explain it so that it can be understood better by all.
It also seems that you set up that so that even if you did not intend it, you had the last word. You are not leaving her very much room to agree to disagree without continuing to argue.
So, you might try explaining things better. After all, A German cannot come onto an English speaking forum and expect them to understand him. He will have to learn some English.
Also, I know it sounds like I just completely hate you I bet, but I really don't. I just don't want further arguing to ensue. So I would rather you be angry at me, than at darkness to avoid that.
Please don't argue, just all be nice and explain things and get along.

Byakko: What it seems to me is that now people are intentionally reading into things, seeing things in my posts that are simply not there. I left my previous post the way I did because there's no point to arguing based on different belief systems that will not change. The debate has already occurred on this forum and I don't see a need for it to happen again.
What I see is people who don't believe what I do and while they say I'm welcome to my beliefs tell me that in sharing my beliefs I'm somehow claiming mine are "right", telling others what to believe, and so on. I often feel in the minority here, but not until today did I feel like I don't belong here. Maybe I don't. While this place preaches that it's for everyone to belong to, it has become increasingly clear that it's for people of like mind to belong to. What I believe makes the otherkin community at large what is is, is the diversity of its members...only here the only diversity is of kintype, not of beliefs. Or so it seems based on the reactions and comments that I've had aimed at me since I joined.
If you want to see my explaining why I typed what I typed as some kind of attack, nothing I can say about how that wasn't my intention will make you believe otherwise. Hence the agree to disagree bit. What you want to call yourself is your business. What you believe as to kin souls and the like is what you believe. It isn't what I believe and no amount of making me feel out of place and intentionally misunderstanding my words will change that. I never once said someone's "kind" didn't exist. I said that our beliefs on what makes us us differ. By your definition, darkness, I'm not otherkin. Have I taken offense to that? No. So why do you find offense where there isn't any?
I find it combative and offensive for people to say I'm wrong because what I say doesn't fit their beliefs. I've never once said any of you are wrong despite the fact that we don't believe the same thing on the big topic of what makes someone otherkin or what a kin soul/energy is. My beliefs have been discussed in detail and both you darkness and you farshief have seen said posts. Therefore, what I typed in this thread shouldn't come as a great shock or something you didn't already know. It shouldn't have been confusing. I also shouldn't have to constantly type what I believe and why when it's already been said in at least two places.

Person 4: Well posting to say that in your belief Kin essences don't exist could be seen as offensive, especially when you know the forum is literally teeming with people who believe that it is their essence that makes them 'Kin'. Though I am now beginning to hate that word too. As the way they define it, it doesn't apply to me either. I am yet another of those non-existent Kin essences.
If we're all so hateful to you why do you put up with it? There are lots of other forums, why on earth do you stay somewhere where you feel so unwelcome?
I don't want to be rid of you, but I am very curious about that.

Person 5: How can you say this
QUOTE (Byakko)
By your definition, darkness, I'm not otherkin.

when Darkness said this
Quote (Darkness)
people who believe what you do, are Otherkin.

What she appears to be saying here is that by your defintion she is the one who is not otherkin, and that is fine with her.
I noticed that from the very first you appeared determined to set yourself apart from everyone else here, to show that you are different, and when they treated you like one of them who just thought differently they were in the wrong. Now that they are beginning to agree with you, and seperate themselves from you and the way you believe, it would appear that they are still wrong.
By your own admission no-one has ever said that you could not post your beliefs, and many members here have agreed with them, a fact you seem to have conveniently forgotten.
If you feel like you do not belong here, then perhaps you are right, but it would be a shame to have you leave without ever getting to know you.
There is more to discover about you than the fact that you believe that you are merely a displaced entity who thinks that Kin essences do not exist.
And there is more to them than just a group of people who think differently than you and say so.
As for this:

Quote (Byakko)
it's for people of like mind to belong to. What I believe makes the otherkin community at large what is is, is the diversity of its members...only here the only diversity is of kintype, not of beliefs.

This is not the otherkin community at large, this is one small forum, with members doing exactly what people of all kinds do, gathering together as a group of like minded individuals. No member of the otherkin community is forced to remain a member of any forum that it joins where it does not feel comfortable. There are many forums out there to choose from, more than enough for all members of the otherkin community to find one whose membership thinks the same or at least in a similar way as they do.
Forums where they can post their ideas and beliefs in peace, and be agreed with, instead of posting somewhere where their posts cause conflict and then complaining when they do.
As Lady C says often, no-one is a prisoner here. The doors work equally well both coming in and going out.
If you do decide that this is not the place for you Byakko, then I wish you a safe journey, and a happy existence. I hope you find yourself in the right body next time around.

Person 6: Isn't it amazing that the people who pick on us for being intolerant and elitist are the ones who can regularly be found saying things like
only this type of this can do this


this is the only kind of real this

Now ignoring the side road that certain people have once again tried to shunt another good topic down, let's get back to the question at hand.
I recognise virtually nothing of what this person says as being related to me and The Shadow race I am a member of at all.
While he may have every true discription of his shadow-kin in this article, they are far removed from The Shadow as I know and recognise them.
Within my understanding of Shadow there are two different kinds. The most talked about kind are the ones who gave form and shape, energy and therefore life to the races of beings now classified by many as the Otherkin.
Those are the ones who watch and guide, who guard and fight.
Then there are those who in the very beginning, seperated themselves to be just The Shadow, a race of their own. That does not make them evil, they are in fact neither one thing or the other, they are what must be. That is the type of Shadow I am.
Neither of these types is mentioned in this article, so I am afraid I can't be of any help at all with this.
I would be delighted to do a Myth buster of The Shadow as I know them, if you really think it would be of any interest to anyone.

Person 7: I now find 'anything-kin' so uncomfortable a label to live with that I have asked Lady C to change my name to Fallen One.
I cannot be happy leaving it as it is, when it apparently has come to mean what I have read here.
How very sad to be so narrow minded that one can only see ones own differences as valid, and everyone else's differences of belief do not exist. I wish I could say it was unusual, but it is not, the ones who claim displacement/transplant instead of essence are proving to be incredibly intolerant of anyone else's view, the proof of this statement is becoming more plainly seen on forums across the internet.
The essences and the transplants both exist, they are completely different, and exist for completely different reasons. We essences argue our corner and stand up for our right to be, but do not argue their right to views and beliefs, and yet they argue our very existence. How extremely fair and unbiased.
I distance myself from them and their beliefs, only because they clash with my own. I have no desire to hear them tell me what I am any longer, nor do I have any desire to justify myself to them, and so while I accept their existence, they cease to matter.

Mod: You say you respect our beliefs even when they differ what that you shouldn't expect the same in return. That is frankly a load of bull. We have never told you that your beliefs were wrong, just as (again, to my knowledge), you haven't told us that. But as has once again already been said, you are constantly differentiating yourself. You are different, WE GET IT! Move on for crying out loud! Talk about something else. Talk about how your day went. Problems you might be having. Make some friends. Stop setting yourself apart from everyone one else in EVERY SINGLE POST. (To be a part of this community, you cannot constantly set yourself apart, or you are merely a person in this community that doesn't want to be a part of this community.) That is pretty much all that we ask...
Second to last, stop arguing the same points over and over. You keep driving the same points from different angels. Get a new point. I'm sure you and everyone arguing the opposing are tired of arguing over the same things.
And Lastly, once again quoting Kes who was quoting Camille: QUOTE (Kes quoting Camille)
As Lady C says often, no-one is a prisoner here. The doors work equally well both coming in and going out.

Admin: For point one.
It is sad to be that narrow minded.
For point two.
Many people on this forum found that offensive. I had several complaints about it.
For point three.
You said that in your belief kin essences did not exist. No one is accusing you of anything you didn't do.
For point four.
That particular point was addressed further down that thread, when the words you quoted were explained and dealt with.

Captain Nik

Fun Fact: There is a cat outside my house, and I am going to kill it in five freakin' seconds should it decline to shut the hell up.

.....Wise decision, cat. (Yes, it really did hush.)

So! Sera, I thank you, please keep them coming. And, one small request? Could you please put the person's name at the start of the quote for next time, and maybe edit that into your current post, if it's not too much to ask? It's just really hard to follow the current one and see who's saying what.

Nothing fancy, this would be fine:

Person 1 -- Cake is delicious.

Person 2 -- The cake is a lie.

Person 1 -- :'(

If anyone else has any kind of quote that has human-bashing in it, don't be shy about posting it. I need the laughs cause Photoshop CS 4 won't work because of techical problems I really don't understand, so I'm pissed because I was going to make myself a co-host for this update. Ever play Sim City 2000? Remember that guy who if you cut the Transit budget by ANY amount would scream at you (in ALL CAPS)


Yeah, I was going to Photoshop that a bunch of times for giggles, but alas, computers suck. Anyway: Let's get down to it!

Double meanings, hypocrisy, and inflated sense of worth, oh my!

The admin herself said this:
It does make you different, it does make you special, but it does not make you better. It doesn't make you superior.

And then, to the phoenix on the site, she said this:
That's a really impressive show Zygo, but that's all it is, a show.
You're the real thing and so far superior and much more impressive.

(Emphasis mine)
Do you guys now see why I swear so very violently? Alot? In varying combinations? *cries*

Let's pick apart some more quotes!

He said what makes us kin and the humans not is.............
The Spark of The Divine.
That minute fragment of the source that all kin carry within them. Connecting them directly to the source and giving them the light that glows from within to bring warmth and to illuminate an otherwise cold and bleak world, in a false existence. Trying vainly to be that which we can never be...........
Human like all the rest.

Well crap. First one and I'm already at a loss for words. That's just peachy. Y'know, I'd like to see some sources cited on this one, because why can't regular ol' people have one to? They have a soul, it's just different, they are quite capable of bringing all the warmth they want to this world that you people seem to think is all broke like. Meanwhile, fluffsters like this all shake their heads at the apparent ignorance of everybody (except for them, natch) and are all like, "Ooh, just you wait until I get my ONE TRUE FORM back, then I'll fix this planet. Unlike you st00pid hew-mans."

And that's typically where I stop reading, open a new topic in this subforum, spend an hour "yelling" about it, click the submit button then go have pie.

As Lady C says often, no-one is a prisoner here. The doors work equally well both coming in and going out.
If you do decide that this is not the place for you Byakko, then I wish you a safe journey, and a happy existence. I hope you find yourself in the right body next time around.

I wonder...is it possible to disguise, "You don't like it, then get out." any thinner? Nope, can't have any dissenting voices in here no sir! Defending our BS would take time away from when we clearly better the Earth instead of bitching about humans and circle-jerking about just how neato-keen it is to be so enlightened!"


Let's find some non-Castle quotes, okay loyal readers? (FYI: If you still have smack to talk about them, please don't stop, you guys commenting along with me is the only reason I even do this as well as I do. Thanks for that, and I'd give you all pie if didn't live on the other side of the internet.)

Actually, I'll do you one better, let's go with more general stuff!

Otherkin are superior because dragons/elves/phoneixs/lobsters can do X, Y, Z, and humans can't.

You ARE human you silly-pants. Anything you can do, anybody else can do. Yes, dragons can fly around, yes elves apparently have magic in spades, wolves are the perfect predators and lobsters are great to make fun of, but you AREN'T any of these things physically.

There are some regular ol' people here that do all sorts of magic-y stuff.
I'm a phoenix, and if this was an RPG, my MAGIC score would be about negative infinity. What I'm trying to say is that regular folk can do anything and maybe more than a Kin.

Humans are destroying the planet.

And so are you by expelling CO2 and methane, any other questions?

Humans don't believe us!

I don't believe you. Hell, I don't even believe myself sometimes. DOUBT IS GOOD PEOPLE!

And on that note, I'm done with the main part of this post. Comment away, I'll be back later on.

Y'know, after reading all this, I believe it is time for action.

I hereby form the AFSWATTF. The Anti-Fluff Special Weapons And Tactics Task Force (Pronounced: afswattf) What's the team's mission? To find fluff-bunnies and do this to their computers: http://www.xkcd.com/322/

Although, as I'm pretty sure there are rather strict laws about people making EMP cannons, what say we just make fun of the fluffsters instead?

And yes, I'm the only member. If you wanna join, just state your name, and preferred team position. It's just for fun, I suppose, and I'm planning to use it as a writing tool in future posts in this very topic, so yeah! (Oooh, foreshadowing!)

Finally, why such a convoluted name? Anti-Fluff is obvious, Task Force is because we have a task, and complete it rather forcefully. The SWAT part is because SWAT teams are freakin' awesome, and we are too!

...I'm a geek, I admit it.

And thus AFSWATTF was formed, along with a long bitch about Castle Otherkin.
Link to their site here- http://www.castleotherkin.themysticforest.co.uk/index.html